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Shoulder and Rib Cage Pain

Hi guys, im writing this from mozambique south east africa.
AFTER 3 YEARS of weightlifting with good result, i developed a right side pain which after i took some analgesic drugs, like tramadol the pain sunsided to the left side this time with rib cage pain. the pain is from inside, as you can rub punch my shoulder ill feel no pain from that, but ill feel pain from inside. i saw a doctor twice which didnt seem to know what could have been the problem , the xray came out with no problem, after tramadol cooled off the pain i went back to lifting after 2 weeks of free pain, 2 days in my training it was on friday i did some shoulders and chest workouts when i got home the pain returned. i then took a 2 months break, when i went back it only took me 3 weeks to feel the pain , its now been 4 months pain free and its probably because im nolonger training im thinking off adding ten more months before i return .

please help , in my country we dont have sports doctors, we can only rely on this platforms .

Hello friend. I’ll touch on a few things first. Generally we’d want an MRI to follow up an X-ray. X-rays them selves only show us skeletal issues. So soft tissue (muscle,tendons, cartilage) aren’t shown. If the X-ray showed no skeletal issues like bone spurs fractures etc we can assume it’s soft tissue or some
Type of inflammation or impingement that’s the issue. I can’t test you myself however I can show you a few tools that may help you figure out what the issue is. (As a side note, if there’s any way you can get an MRI done and read I’d suggest that)

Now some of these are difficult to do yourself so have a friend or family member spend 30 minutes or
So going over this video and doing the various tests. Sometimes you can test positive on multiple tests and some are worse than others etc. write down the tests you were positive on. If you’re able to do this, post it here and I don’t mind helping you sift through it and see what you came up with. I understand you aren’t a professional at this and that’s no problem. Normally I’d say see a licensed PT or orthopedic surgeon. But since you already said that these aren’t available maybe I can help you this way.

At first glance it kinda seems like an inflammatory response and not a rotator cuff injury Since it calms down when you stop training. There are ways to deal with inflammation and can be treated fairly easily. I hope his helps and gives you somewhere to start!