Shoulder and Pectoral Injury

Hi guys, i’m new here at the forum, I’m Dré from Belgium.

I’m having problems with my shoulders since two years, had surgery a year ago.
I recovered good in the beginning, but now all the problems are back.
I ran an Alflutop cycle, but that dind’t do to much, might thinking to get Adequan but its tough to find. Anyone who has other methods that could work for me? rest didn’t do alot.
My next problem is that I haven’t been training for 1month, since I got some kind of inflammation of my ribs, called Chondritis aka Tietze’s Syndrome.
The doc gave me some painkillers, he couldn’t do more he said (well I’m dying)
My best hobby and lifestile ever, I’m about to going giving it up.
Sorry for the bad English but it would be nice if someone has some experience with this shit!
You guys are my last hope!