Shoulder and Overhead Work

Do ya’ll include much overhead and shoulder work? I took a 6+ month break from all kinds of bench pressing and only did overhead pressing and isolation work and dips for chest and now my shoulders feel amazing healthwise.

My flat bench has gone down by about 10%, but I see it going back up fast soon since I’ll be doing bench work now. But I was thinking of doing as much overhead pressing as bench pressing and seeing where that takes me. I guess I’m wondering if that’s a retarded idea as far as just trying to push bench numbers up.

Are you competitive powerlifter ? I do mine top down, i have severe pec tear mine you. Smith machine shoulder press 6 sets lower bench 3 notches 4 sets incline. Then flat dumbell presses light, and then hammer dip two sets 25 to 50 reps, and one set of 50 to 100 reps crossovers.

Will do overhead dumbbell work, but I pretty much stay away from it during meet prep. I have used seated front presses in the past for rep work but have stayed away from them lately to spare shoulder wear and tear. I will likely do some standing OHP as a max-effort movement when my “offseason” phase comes.

I like to go back and forth either heavy overheads, light chest, vice versa. I was going for prs in behind neck jerk, and bench when i tore pec, i was warned, i think shoulder /pec tie in can deal with one precise groove at time, I’ll be back finishing up work

Not competitive but it is my hobby…

I found that the more I worked my shoulders the better they felt long term. I may have to sit down and rest on the way home because them just hanging there was too painful on the walk home but they always felt better the next day and they always felt healthier when I was actually benching.

My typical Bench day is

Bench Ramp weight 5s to failure somewhere around 275-315 right now
Weighted Dips Ramping weight 5s to warm up then a max reps and drop set
Dum Military Press 5-8 Sets ramping the weight to failure with 5-8 Reps
A High Back Fly or Pull superset with Lateral Raises

Sometimes I drop dips or put them after Dum Military Press with less weight or body weight.

I didnt bench for a long time, always used dumbells or undergrip with a shortened ROM. This is about month 2 of benching again since highschool, I am 31.

I wouldn’t do as much OHP work as I bench. I consider it as an accessory, so I’d alter overhead work with dumbbell bench after I do my main bench for the day. If I’m doing ME/DE, dumbbell bench goes after the ME work, and the overhead press is after the DE bench, so that I can go heavy. I also like doing push press or jerks, whatever.

Something Ive been doing is band pull aparts 100 reps everyday, and 10 pound lateral raises at 100 reps everyday along with my regular should work and my shoulders health wise feel amazing, and Ive gained some size, along with strength on my over head,