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Shoulder And Knee Pain

Ever since I have switched to a full-body 3-4 times a week routine, I have been experiencing knee and shoulder pain. Both my knees and shoulders pop and crack throughout the day. Is that normal? Any advice to minimize the pain? Also, if I do rehab-like exercises for my joints, can I do them everyday, including on my off days? Thanks!

I don’t have the pain that you speak of and I train 4-6 days per week, and I’m in my late 40’s.

Heres what I take for my joints:

3000mg of MSM
1500mg of Glucosamine
4-6G of Fish Oil

Maybe give the above a try.

Ok, I will try those supplements. I guess my question was stated poorly. How do I know the difference between soreness and some joint pain and injury? My right shoulder has become heavy and tight, both of my shoulders and knees crack.