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Shoulder and Elbow Tendon Problems


I seem to have pushed myself a little too hard a couple months ago in some very low-rep strength oriented training. At some point I was doing dead stop bench press, and I felt something odd, no sharp pain or anything, but henceforth I couldn’t do any heavy pressing, overhead or on a bench, it would hurt in some strange way in my shoulder and I id not have the strength to do so.

I do not have any pain in any angle or range of motion unweighted, it’s only when trying to press heavy, or push or lift something heavy it comes up.

Somehow a week later I developed some elbow pain that would make any kind of tricep extensions debilitatingly painful. I’ve had this before long ago when I was gung-ho on skullcrushers, and it wouldn’t last very long and would just heal itself, but this time it seems to be taking longer,and it can’t be coincidence, it must be related.

It feels like it’s getting better, and I do sometimes the band movement holding it out and rotating it above my head then behind me. But it’s already been a couple months without healing, and I am concerned it is taking a long time.

Suggestions/thoughts? I reside in a country where I don’t speak the first language, so it is sometimes a bit of a challenge to go to a doctor, but do you think it would help to visit a physiotherapist? What is the prognosis on something like this


Couple of months is a long time. May not be something that will get better by leaving it alone for a while.

Go see a doctor/physio

Translation services are probably easy enough to get or you could have a friend fluent in both languages tag along, hell you could whip out your phone, use google translate and hope for the best.

Inform your chosen health professional of language/communication issues ahead of time for best results.On your end put together as much detailed information/history about your injury as you can remember for easy reference during examination/interview.

Good luck

OK thank you I will see one.

Any thoughts on what this could be exactly and what the typical prognosis is?