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Shoulder and Calf Pain


Whenever I utilize DB’s for workouts such as flat, incline, and decline bench press, dips, as well as overhead press and lateral raises, my right shoulder feels as if it’s on fire. Occasionally it makes it so I can’t complete the workout. The funny thing is it’s only my right one. And it isn’t immediate; it’s after the first 2 or 3 sets. This has been on and off for well over a year now.

As for the outer portion of my right calf, it occurs during back squats. I notice in the mirror when I get into my stance, my right foot naturally falls slightly more forward than my left foot and is slightly pointed more outwards as well. I try to fight it and make it match my left, but then it just throws my whole equilibrium off it seems.

Any pointers or tips are appreciated. Icy hot doesn’t do crap and I can’t rest forever. I’m the military as well so naturally going to the doctor won’t solve anything. I’m not sure if it’s ROM oriented or what but it’s definitely getting old.