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Shoulder Again


I posted several weeks ago with some complaints about my shoulders. Right afterwards Cressey's article came out and I have been implementing many of the suggestions he has in there. It has worked extremely well, and I am happy to say that during today's workout, my left shoulder felt absolutely fine.

My right shoulder was a whole other matter.

I ignored it at first (bad idea) just praying it was because I needed to warm up a little bit. Well, the warm up didn’t work as hoped, and during dips, my right shoulder hurt in the front, right under the middle (maybe more towards the shoulder) of the clavicle.

I experimented a little bit before I stopped and found that if I rushed the dips, meaning if I pushed up hard and fast, it really hurt. However, the pain was almost gone if I kept careful control throughout the dip, doing them in a more smooth fashion.

Anyway, I am just looking for some advice on what that might be. I have read over Cressey’s article, but maybe I will read over it again and see if I can pinpoint exactly what my problem is.


I use DMSO. You can get it at your local health food store. If you buy the red spray bottle, make sure you wash before you spray it on any part of you. Only spray in on recently washed areas. The DMSO that come in a white base cream I can use any time. My lady friend uses it every mornisng on her knees, and my back & shoulders. It works.

Also Life Plus has a product it calls Wonder Gel, really good stuff. You might try it with their Proanthanol Bio Complex. I have used these procducts and know of some people who have had small wonders happen to their health with the above products. And I do not get a dime for mentioning this.