Shoulder 12 to 6 Labrum Tear

Shoulders isnt popping or dislocating , Doctor told me to stay away from Bench pressing … everything else is ok and no need for a surgery

Anyone else had this injury and was recommended something specific interms of weight lift training? just looking to hear what you guys have to say

You need another doctor. Any Dr who thinks its ok to have a structural tendon be torn and not need repair is a dumbass. Tendon tears don’t heal themselves. You may end up with some scar tissue over it and but its still susceptible to a full blow out.

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i consulted two orthopedics , both are head ortho surgeons .

and no idea where you came up with " Torn structural tendon" , my tendons are fine, its just the shoulder labrum that has been torn . And its finally getting better, i scheduled another Mri in mid october . Cause labrums never heal by themselves …so interested to see what has/is happening

The image below shows that the labrum keeps the socket in place, therefore its structural.

I guess, I’m over-reactive. I’ve had 3 RC surgerys and too many guys are walking around with shoulder injuries looking for alternatives to surgery.

Sorry, best of luck