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Shoulda Used the Guard!



Oh my....


Wow... I wouldn't doubt he didn't get brain damage on that one... good thing he missed with the foot kick cause that would have broken his jaw and busted lots of teeth out....


i like how his bad ass buddy jumped in


That's assault brotha!


BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! K.O.ed via sucker punch, I love it! He won't be running his mouth again... well at least not tell he gets his jaw wired back together.


i liked everything until the kick, then i was just like, well...that was one too far. he made his point by dropping him in the first hit. and that first hit was bad ass...i just lose interest from then on..


You got knocked the FUCK out!


LoL ^

Guy should have stopped after the first swing when the guy went down. Everything after that was just excessive.


lol now that was good


It's amazing how often you see that happen - the big mouth getting smashed.

Takes me back.


Intresting modified standing mount. Anyway, went way too far there - the fight was over with the one punch and he almost crossed the line from assault to murder, not to mention he could have taken a knife in the kidney.


Is it just me, or did it look like he missed on the face stomp?


I also thought he missed the stomp.


He did, he wouldn't have a jaw if he didn't, even with just his socks on.


He might not have missed the stomp if his pants were not hanging half way off of his ass.

You got to love these modern fashions.


I think it might have been an right elbow not a punch that dropped him judging by how close he was to the guy as he went down.

Also most of those other blows looked and sounded like open hand slaps to me, then two half arse punches with no weight behind them that didn't seem to do much damage.

If you start it verbally then you better be ready to fight, not let the other guy walk right up to your face and hit you while you just stand flat footed and don't even raise your hands.

Like someone else mentioned, once the guy knocked him down he should have been looking around for others comming in to help the guy on the ground, especially someone with a knife.


That is why you should always be ready when someone approaches you in a menacing fashion, or pretty much at all times...I learned that life lesson the hard way.


agreed. he deserved/asked/begged for the first hit. didn't neet to contiue after that


No matter how bad you think you are, there's always somebody badder.


Daaaaaamn, Home-boy wasn't so BAD after all...