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Should Your First Cycle Be Heavy Or Light?


I've read alot opinions on this subject on various boards. I see alot of guys recommend the standard 500mgs for 12 weeks. Then, I see others say bump up the Test doses(750mgs-1,000mgs) and add several like Deca/EQ, Dbol/Anadrol because its a "golden opportunity" to see the MOST size and strength gains.

I've seen a study where doctors gave men 600mgs of Test Enanthate for 20 weeks and they gained 17lbs of fat-free mass. And this is done WITHOUT training! With your knowledge and experience, what would you recommend to someone with a good foundation for a First Cycle?


Well if you run that much on a first cycle, what would you do on your second? The idea is that you will increase amounts or number of compounds to continue making stellar gains. Not to mention sides of 4-5 compounds would likely kick your ass and you would have no clue which compound caused each specific side.

If you run 500 mg/w test as a first cycle without sides and run 500 mg/w test and anadrol and experiences some shitty sides it is pretty obvious which compound caused them. To answer your question: on the safe side - 500 mg test E a week and the more aggressive approach - 500 mg test E a week and deca/dbol/adrol so on.

For future reference, all of this information including direct answers to your thoughts/question are in the newbie steroid planning thread.


Thanks for replying, TG! I've read the newbie section a while back. Just looking for veteran opinions. Some guys aren't as conservative as you are. I remember a veteran poster named Prisoner that advocated MUCH larger doses(1000mgs of Test) for shorter amounts of time(6-8 weeks). That guy REALLY knew his stuff!


I agree with Prisoner as well. 600-750 even 1000mg depending on the goals and a oral for a first cycle is not a bad thing. Many scream about sides but none the less the sides from a gram of Test and some Anadrol are very controllable whether you know specifically which it is. Watch your blood pressure, cholesterol, and Estrogen related sides all easy to monitor and fix with blood work every few weeks and you will be golden


Well I am not in the 500 mg/w camp. I like the idea of getting the most out of your first cycle but I also like the idea of having more to build up..so I guess I am more in the middle.

Good topic though, I am curious to what some of the big boys will say on this compared to what they actually ran as a first run.


I don't get why people think a lower dosed cycle won't work after a higher dosed one. Why? Sure, it might not be so good, but there's no reason to say it would be ineffective at all...

I would back a high dose first cycle if the user had enough knowledge/support to run it well. I would possibly consider an aggressive 16-20 week cycle before going on a trt/cruise dose with some peptides or gh added in to maintain, but only if the person was very serious about training and competing long term, and had some knowledge of the subject.