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Should You Train If You're Recovered?

Meaning this, people always say to train certain muscle groups 1 time a week and maybe 2, but what if your recovered? i was doing strong lifts for a while but took a break and instead of benching only twice a week like strong lifts has you do i started benching every other day and seeing strength gains even while on a 600-700 calorie deficit. i just add 5 pounds every time and if i can’t do it that day i do it the next time usually and I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now.

the reason why i started benching more is because i wasn’t sore doing a traditional strong lifts bench/dips routine and if i would add even more assistance exercises i would either be to wiped out by the end of the SL routine or it would only be more sore because of the fact that i hadn’t done those “extra chest movements” ad it would only be once. what I’m wondering is should i keep doing what I’m doing cause its working?

I’m young and the day after the gym i may be sore but barely and I’m always ready t bench without a problem after 1 full rest day. does any big benchers have opinions on this? in SL you squat every other day (except last 2 days of workout week) so why not bench press? advice?


Yes, you can train if recovered. Different people and different body parts can be different frequencies. Soreness isn’t always the best indication of recovery though. I actually use performance as my indicator.