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Should You Drive a Yugo?


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards told a labor group Tuesday that he would ask Americans to make a big sacrifice: their sport utility vehicles.

Former Sen. John Edwards says the nation needs to focus on being a leader in creating alternative energy.

"I think Americans are actually willing to sacrifice," Edwards said during a forum held by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. "One of the things they should be asked to do is drive more fuel efficient vehicles."

The former North Carolina senator was asked specifically if he would tell them to give up their SUVS. He said, "Yes."

I wonder what HE drives? Anyone know?



Looks like he has 4 SUVs at his massive house.

Rich guy like like that telling other people to sacrifice.

(Shouldn't this one be in the politics section?)


Only 4? What does he drive on the other 3 days of the week?

Personally, I'd love to rid the (urban) world of SUVs... not for environmental reasons, I just can't stand the damn things!


Why? The are fun to drive and great for off-roading? I would take a SUV over a Wrangler any day for roack crawling as the longer wheel base helps (without going into extending the Wrangler).

Not to mention they are perfect for moving as you can stuff them full of your crap without having to worry about the weather like you do with a pickup. I've driven 3 different SUV's and have always liked them!


This reminds me of the article you posted about Sheryl Crow requesting that we limit ourselves to one square of T.P. per bathroom session. Geez.


I agree. They suck to see around. They are dangerous to their drivers, to people in other cars and to pedestrians.

It is too bad the North American auto industry is built around supplying them.


Hate to be a stickler, but having 4 SUVs at your house doesn't necessarily mean you own 4 SUVs.

Of course, it's entirely possible that they're all his, but a man running for president and raising funds is probably going to have lots of people visiting his house.


John Kerry made a similar statement 4 years ago and it turned out he owned a fleet of the things.

Who can say which are his parked in front of his absolutely enormous house.


Unbelievable. What a sanctimonious twerp.


For off-roading and the like yeah sure they're great, but I was referring to the city drivers. As soon as these idiots get behind the wheel of a SUV they think they're invincible.

Obviously it's not everyone, but I've talked to many people that drive SUVs and they seem to have that mentality.