Should You Do Back Work Heavy with Low Reps?

I see people do heavy weighted chins, barbell rows, pendlay rows and one arm rows for low reps. Is this a good idea? I recall Efferding says to keep low rep back work for the deadlift.

What are the lowest rep ranges one should take rows, chins and pulldowns? Ty

Without getting into too much detail, I LIKE 5s on pulldowns and strict rows, but not done for maximum load, rather done for maximum “feel”. So something like 5 x 5 on the pulldown or strict row works great as long as you are focusing on flexing the muscle rather than moving the weight like you might do in the squat or bench, and you can do 5 x 5 EMOM and basically take yourself to the same point as you would with higher rep sets without losing feel. 25 reps broken down within 5 minutes with good muscle control are basically equivalent to myo-reps. So basically, 5s are fine, but you should gauge your load by feel, not by ability to move the load. IMO.


I agree 100% with Stan. I always preferred to keep horizontal and vertical pulls to slightly higher reps. On horizontal rows I can go as low as 5 reps per set during intensification phases.


cool ty

How does this play into the lower rep back work in built for battle?

High rep/volume work can be incredible for back. In fact try this, 50-100 pullups every day (use rings or straps if needed). Maybe an off day here or there.

Build up to like 200 pullups a day. I think you will be very pleasantly shocked at the gains in back/biceps & overall body wellness (agility, lower joint pain)

There is still room for lower rep work if the goal is strictly strength (like the BfB circuits). But for maximum size, back require higher reps from my experience