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Should You "Deload" When Starting a New 6 Week Section?

Dr. Darden. When you start a New Program (say from the NEW High Intensity Book), do you start the 6 weeks with weight used for the exercise in the previous 6 week program? Or do you go lower on an exercise and cycle?. Just example, say Program 1 someone ends with 200 lbs x 8 in Bench press. If Bench is in #2, would you start out at say 160 -170 and work up? or start right at 200? Thanks

Not Dr. Darden… but if you feel you need to “deload” I would recommend 10-30 for a workout or two with the weights you’ve been using rather than reduce them. The most important factor is inroading. Using weights that are (e.g.) 15% lighter than you normally use is unlikely to get a sufficient level of inroad to make continued and steady progress. Using 10-30 will get that inroad without excessive demands on your recovery systems. What’s sufficient? I don’t know.

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I like what Jeff60 said. The 10-30 style should work well.

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So you think deloading wont give progress? Tell that to 95% of pro programs. It is suppose to build momentum, and break previous plateuas. You are only “down” 2 weeks, which isn’t too long considering years of lifting. Im not a 10-30 person . What is that? slow positive, and super slow negative?

I didn’t say deloading won’t work. It will, but I believe the 10-30 approach is better. That’s 10 normal reps followed by a 30-second negative.

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I was talking to Jeff, sorry. And thank you for clarifying 10-30

You inspire me Dr.Darden. Thanks. I have had the white New HIT Book for at least 10 years now. Some pages of the routines are started coming out. I just ordered and received 3 copies off Amazon to have for safe keeping. I was surprised all in decent condition. From various Goodwills Stores. I alwys get tempted to do multiple sets. I recently took a Trial member for Jaugernatte Systems. They do multiple sets and stop most sets 3 or 4 reps from failure. Its interesting. But I keep coming back to your book. I find both systems work. The tough thing about the HIT system is when the weights get heavy the psychological toll…

Hey how long do you suggest between sets (exercises) in a Full Body Program?

Ive seen you write about 30 sec negative. I have never tried it. I really cant imaging 30 seconds for 1/2 a rep. That bogles my mind.

Try 10-30. Take 75% of what you normally use for 10 reps. Do your 10 reps in regular style and then do a slow 30-second negative.

How many workouts in row? Do you do this mainly when you hit plateus? Is it better to pick just a few exercises of your 8-12 exercises? per workout, the other exercises normal?

So this system is kind of Deload with 1- 2 negatives,sounds cool

Pick three exercises from your routine and do them for three consecutive workouts. That will be a good trial.

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Thanks, sounds logical and doable