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Should You Also Avoid Soybean Oil?


I used the search function, nothing came up.

I was wondering if a person trying to avoid soy should also avoid its oil. The estrogenic effects of processed soy products have been written about on this site and other places, but I'm unsure if this extends to soybean oil as well.


I do.

There's no reason to ever put anything soy related into your body.


I'm pretty sure that soy oil isn't a significant source of phytoestrogens, so it's not a big deal in small quantities.

Soy oil wouldn't be my oil of choice for cooking or adding extra calories, however.


If you use Soy oil, check to see where it comes from. Most soy these days come from GMF beans which is good for no one.


I agree. The only thing that appear to be okay are traditionally fermented products like soy sauce.

Have anything to back that up? And I'm with you that nutritionally it looks like crap.


I avoid soy oil since it is high in inflammatory omega 6s. I remember reading that it might also play a part in our obesity epidemic.

"Have Seed Oils Caused a Multi-Generational Obesity Epidemic?"