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Should Women Do Christian Thibaudeau's 'Star Complexes?'



Hi. I'm trying to get my wife and I both on a steady workout routine. As I try to come up with something concrete and consistent, I'm trying to find something we can do together. Her main goal is fat loss, mine is more muscle building with lesser fat loss. I found a workout that sounds like it does both, but I just don't know if it's good for women. She competed in a figure competition years ago, so she's not afraid of squats, deadlifts, bench, etc.


It's a pretty advanced programme - if she is coming back from a break then it might be a bit much, but if she trains regularly, maybe. It depends on what kind of training she enjoys, how quickly she can recover and so forth.


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I posted about this in my log a while back but I really think that we need to start a support group for women who have ruined their feminine bodies by trying to lift like men. We really need to get the word out so that they don't end up like us. We can have a 5k for a fundraiser and everything.

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Not including The Hallowed variation which is allowed.


It sure is funny that you all responded ignorantly to the topic. I didn't say anything about "Is it safe for women to lift weights?" I asked if the specific workout itself was "good for women" meaning would there be a workout that is more effective. If you actually read what I posted, I mentioned how she has done all the heavy duty lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench, etc.) that most women shy away from in the gym. My question was in reference to OUR GOALS. She wants more straight fat loss, and I want more muscle building with light fat loss.

But no, go ahead. I've noticed the trend on this website's forum of overconfident jerks posting before even reading the topic itself, just making assumptions on what they think was said.


we didn't respond ignorantly. we read the question and dismissed it.

we responded like assholes.

have a nice day!!


You responded to a totally different quesiton that wasn't posted.


I posted a sensible response - and basically we need more info about your wife, what type of training she is doing and so forth.


Your question is stupid.

Think about it for a sec

The complexes are nothing more than circuit training. Why wouldnt she be able to do it?

I wouldnt do it with my girl though because on things like the top half squat and rack pull we would have to change rack heights and throw off our intensity.....

Fat loss is the goal? Yall need to clean up the diet to do that. She's done figure so she should know what caloric deficit is about.


Since my wife does the same workout as me, here's what we typically do (with some variation)

Day 1:
4 sets of pulls up/chin ups
4 sets of Dips (Assisted for her)

4 sets Kettlebell Swings
4 sets Kbell chest flyes

Day 2:
4 sets Squats
4 sets Deadlifts

4 Kbell swings


4 Kettlebell Front Squats

4 Romanian Deadlifts

Day 3:
4 sets Bench
2 sets flat, 2 sets decline/incline

4 sets Cable Rows

3 sets Kettlebell Suitcase Squats

Alternate Day 3:
4 sets Overhead Press

4 sets Kettlebell Rows

Every workout day I also do some ab/core work, and follow it up with 15 mins of cardio, usually biking or running.


yup, thats perfect!

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Looks pretty good to me. She could also do some sprints if she's of a mind.

She could also take a look at this article: http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/article/training/attack_the_fat_in_8_weeks_phase_one&cr=

and its follow-up: http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/article/training/attack_the_fat&cr=

You can take the supplement advice with a pinch of salt since pretty much every article on T-Nation and FA promote Biotest products. The rest is pretty solid advice and the training is similar to what you are doing now but your wife may like some of the exercises for variety.


Thanks Cal, I'll check it out.


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