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Should TN Have Sticky Threads?

Just leafing through the CT and Wendler coaching categories, where a ton of stuff is repeated in basically every thread, why not introduce/reintroduce stickies to the Forum and Sub-Forums?

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At least one FAQ sticky for each of those forums would go a long way!


I’ve thought the same thing for a long time. I don’t even go on the wendler forum anymore cuz it’s the same shit for the thousandth time


Exactly, the Wendler topic is 95% questions about assistance or Training Maxes, the CT topic has pretty much entirely become ‘Best Damn’ and neurotype questions, and Rate My Physique posts continually spiral out into dick-measuring pissing contests. Stickies would definitely cut these down.

Shorter answer: People don’t use them. Probably something to do with human nature making us think we’re all special cases to whom training and nutrition principles that’ve lasted dozens of decades do not apply.

Long answer, copy/pasted from a similar thread a while ago:
There was a period of time where almost every individual forum - Pharma and Beginners and Bodybuilding and Over-35 and Supplements & Nutrition and Combat, etc. - each had a handful of stickies that covered “the basics” and linked to some of the more popular/useful topics in that section.

But it got to the point that not only did the stickies start cluttering the forum (having to scroll past five stickied threads to get to the current topics), but people simply stopped clicking on them for whatever reason. As time went on, the thread views on the majority of stickies stayed roughly the same, so we know people weren’t checking them.

If a question does now come up somewhere that’s “repetitive”, it’s easy enough to either directly link the member back to whatever recent discussion, or tell them to use the Search box, or just be a pal and answer it again.

But I don’t really see a ton of reposted threads, other than “form checks” - which do require their own threads for posting video and giving critiques - or for “how’s my program/diet?” - which do require their own threads to get detailed answers.

The FAQ for Thib’s and Wendler’s forums would be 10 words long: “Read the book. Read the articles. Everything is explained there.”

Not quite sticky-worthy.


Is this a one or two event contest?

They actually combine into one, much like a phallic biathlon

It’s an internet forum. Anything in a sticky could be found in a Google search. People come to a forum to interact. If that annoys you an internet forum might not be your thing.

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First it’s dick measuring for length, then pissing for distance and time, and then last man standing to finish.

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