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Should this Guy be in Modern Warfare 3?


you decide


make me.


of course


I frickin double dogg dare you to decide.


them's fightin words!


Damn that was awesome. Not what I was expecting when I clicked on it. Damn funny shit.


Yes I love America.


'wear your seat belt, dont run with scissors and drink milk' lmfao that made my day!


Awesome.. Seeing your buddies get blown apart everyday while guys hide behind their wives skirts will do that to ya.


Enough of a power trip?


That dude is awesome!


Power trip? These people want American soldiers to fight and die for them, yet they don't want to defend their own country.

I don't understand how it was a power trip. Sounded like genuine disgust towards their cowardness.



Thank you. Your response was a lot more civil than mine would have been.


Hell of a pregame speech...


Bad ass.


Can anyone write down what he says?


So they should march up in a battle line, 18th century style and wait until totally heroic American soldiers mow them down from kilometers away?

Yeah, right.

I guess they will continue to fight "cowardly", seems to work for them.


Thats a fucking leader right there, im proud and happy hes on our side.


What the hell are you talking about? The people he was talking to were Iraqi police. They are fighting ON THE SAME SIDE as the US.


Don't worry. he has comprehension problems at times. :slightly_smiling: