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Should there be a Physique Training Forum?

This is my second post under this name but I have been reading these forums for MANY MANY years, and beyond that I think it is a very relevent question.

And yes I could of just as easily posted this in the powerlifting or strength sports area, but I figured body building was most relevent to wanting to look good naked.

I mean am I really reaching out thinking the majority of readers of these forums are not just looking to improve there physical apperance/performance and not looking to perform on any type of stage? Not saying the level of dedication/education may not be superior to other areas of the web, but this site it self has articles targeted for this very goals.

Physique. Training. Forum. Like…a sort of…bodybuilding forum?


LOL @ “[quote]body building was most relevant to wanting to look good naked. [/quote]” I do believe the site went through great lengths to make BODYBUILDING more prominent for a reason…which likely includes reducing the numbers of people here who think bodybuilding is some foreign entity that has nothing but minor “relevance” to do with “[quote] wanting to look good naked. [/quote]”

Good thread! very, very good.
This is good.
goodly, even.

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