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Should She Eat Frequently, or Fast?

This is long. To get to the question, scroll to “QUESTION.” I value everyone’s input, not just those who have taken upon themselves to read the “extra.” Thank you in advance.

Hello T-Nation,

I’ve been becoming stronger and bigger the past couple years. Recently I took a break after life got hectic. Now I have adjusted to my new graveyard shift / living alone and with her; I’m ready to make more gains.

She’d like to lose weight. She’s consuming 1,600kCal/day with the following macros; 100g Carbs, 65-70g Fat, 150g Protein. No more protein from whey than 25g or 50g (training days.) Another 20g or so from Casein before bed. 50% of it all is grass-fed.

We aim for at least 10-15g of various Omega-3 Fatty Acids. (Some days she has a higher ALA: ratio, but like tonight, we ate half a pound of salmon each.) Certain T-Nation articles have compelled me to consider the importance of DHA (apart from generally coming second to EPA.) She’s taking a whole foods source of DHA. (If anyone can vouch for Biotest Flameout, I am seriously interested.)

Protein is probably equally beef:chicken. (Roughly 75%+ of her beef is grass-fed.) Every 2-3 dinners we have wild caught atlantic fish or crab. She actually loves Oysters (Zinc), so she doesn’t mind eating them everyday. (4-6oz or so averaged/day.) I believe the rest of her nutrient profile is under check, too. We also eat lamb.

Her sources of carbohydrates are almost always (strictly 90%+ measured by calories) whole foods sources.
We eat 2-4 cups of various vegetables/day (Boiled Carrots, Celery, Onions; Grilled Asparagus, Green Onions, Onions, Peppers; Raw Carrots, Cucumber, Peppers, Tomatoes; Steamed Broccoli, Carrots et cetera.)

I feel I have the nutrition down. But when assigning mealtimes, I am conflicted about metabolism/insulin:

Eating frequently (4-6 meals a day, at least enough to portion the protein) will rev up her metabolism. While I’m not a proponent of IF because it’s a major gains-destroyer, I do however see the benefit in regulating her insulin for at least a month.

If she eats fewer meals/day, she can reclaim some of her insulin sensitivity. (Though I don’t even know if she’s unusually insulin resistant. She put on 30-40lbs by eating 12:00am-3:00am, which leads me to believe she’s wreck her pancreas’ "insulin rhythm.)

Should Female 20years old, 5’ 8" 200lbs, 90kg eat frequent meals for the metabolism-revving properties, or fewer meals to gradually lower potentially high insulin levels, the result of bad habits?

This matters a lot to me because I have always enjoyed studying nutrition and healthy habits. I think she’ll make high quality progress at a near-maximum rate, and I am excited for her.