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Should Saddam Be Tried In Iraq Or Elsewhere?

Should Saddam be tried in Iraq, or elsewhere as an international criminal?

In Iraq, by Iraqis.

  1. Whatever crimes he committed were against the Iraqi people.

  2. International courts do not impose a death penalty.

He should be tried here. We should transport his ass from city to city and let people throw shit at him.
After that we should inject water into his skin like his sons used to love to do to torture their victims.
Then we should start chopping off ears, fingers, and toes, just short of death.
And then we throw him in a cage and keep him alive, in misery.


No trial just execution.

They should have two trials for him one in Iraq and one international (US) if he had anything to do with the WTC tragedy another trail for that also.

As a military man…I think he should be tried in his own country. The things he did to those people were criminal and horriffic.


Could you be a bit more descriptive so that we can all better understand how you feel?

I agree that he should be tried in Iraq by their “interim” government, but I heard that they don’t use the death penalty. Either way his life is over.

He should be tried in his own country by its people… If we put it into a international court nations such as France will have a chance to put their foot in the door to stop any kind of justice being carried out. Personally I believe the people of Iraq will do far worse to him than that would be allowed in our country club justice system.

Hell in some parts of the middle east they still quarter murders etc. and also in some parts they cut the hand off of a thief for punishment. I believe that is more fitting than locking him up and throwing away the key.

If we do bring him to America and lock him away I wouldnt be suprised to see a best selling book in the butchers future. I can see anti-war protestors lining up at the book stores now…

Merlin, thanks for stealing my idea for the ‘human stump’ :wink:

why would you want the death penalty for him? that is way to easy.

Good point P-Dog! It WOULD be way kind and merciful…

Thats what I was thinking P-dog. Why kill him? Just bring him to the Hague international court where he will be convicted of crimes against humanity, and anyplace in jail he will get raped beaten, and then maybe killed.

The death penalty may be required for Iraqi security and regional security. It may prevent more deaths.

Kill him, and he’ll be a matyr among fundamentalist nuts who’ll cause more damage to the innocent in their respective countries.

Honestly, all political whackos in general scare me.

if saddam is killed, is it possible he could be seen as a myrter?

how many of these dumb threads will there be?

Execution does make martyrs but I think this is a special case. If you let him live in prison, then this will nurture the dream of some that he could be broken out in the coming decades, or maybe launch the insincere dream of adding Saddam’s release to a list of fantastic demands by the Islamicists that comprise the pseudo-Utopian vision they offer the Muslim world.

At this point, Saddam Hussein has been so degraded in the public eye that a long trial in which the Iraqi people can celebrate his villification as a tyrant and his rule as the best argument for democracy should reduce his standing throughout the Arab world to a nadir. I think this should culminate in the death penalty before imprisonment could make him a symbol of Muslim victimization at the hand of American imperialism, in which his life-long captivity would become a kind of martyrdom.

Best Option:
Try him in Iraq by Iraqis. Let the information come out and let him be humiliated by his own people. That would also be a big slap in the face.

My favorite Option:
Federal Pound-me-in-the-ass Prison. I’m sure he’d be a favorite.

I don’t think he has any weapons of mass destruction. But if he goes to prison he will certainly have a weapon of ass seduction.