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Should Pro Bodybuilders Use Trainers

I figured this would be a good thread since everyone would obviously have a different opinion. After i saw some of kai greens videos with charles glass i was thinking. Should bodybuilders use trainers.

I mean maybe its just me but thats one of the great things about the sport. Its you against everyone else, not you and a trainer, you. But also i would think that you would know your body better than anyone else and at the pro level im pretty sure you know what works and what doesnt as far as building muscle so what exactly is a training “guru” going to tell you thats going to make a huge difference esp when youve done tons of shows.

I remember dorian yates saying how he liked the fact that no one used trainers back then for the most part it as aposed to know where lots of bb do. What do you guys think?

I’ve always liked the idea of the “sport of one” myself. I like that I get to improve myself week after week, its a war against myself in a way. That doesnt mean you cant employ the knowledge of others though. Hell, every time you read any information on the sport you are technically “getting trained” by someone.

Also, when dieting down and what not it can be beneficial to have another set of eyes on you because you tend to see what you want to see instead of what is actually there. An objective 3rd person can be useful in telling you what you need to do, and then its up to you to do it.

the best gains i have ever made were because of a p.t i know that wrote me programs, gave nutritional advice etc. never really been actually one on one trained by anyone. but had many training partners

If you need one get one.

If not dont.

keep in mind a lot of trainers are there for other things in bodybuilding not necessarily training.

It takes the headache out of things if somebody has a routine and diet plan for you all you have to do is perform…not think about it.

Also most known bodybuilding trainers are known for their drug recommendations and hook ups.

Think people go to milos sarcev to learn about giant sets…or insulin?



[quote]Dirty Gerdy wrote:
Think people go to milos sarcev to learn about giant sets…or insulin?

Poliquin is always making outrageous statements about Milos with the typical Poliquin hyperbole, like:

“Milos could eat a whole loaf of french bread for breakfast and feel fine.”


“Milos eats a stack of pancakes and syrup and goes to lift, I eat that and go into a diabetic coma.”

You’d think he’d catch on… lol

It usually comes down to your own base of knowledge, vs someone else’s. You could be a lot more knowledgable than some trainer, or maybe you could totally know what you’re doing, but want some new ideas that you wouldn’t normally think of.

When it comes to the actual physical training, especially when you talk about most pro BBers, the concensus I get (and I’m sure some folks will pounce on this), is that they are not the master trainers most newbies would assume them to be.

Yes, they work hard, yes they have the best genetics, and yes they are on tons (well, some) of drugs… but compare that road to someone who had to outsmart his genetics, or who took 10 years to acheive what a more naturally gifted individual achieved in 2. I’m sure there’s a lot more you could learn from that person. (I’m not saying all the big guys know nothing! So don’t start! -lol)

Still, I think when you hear most pros, or competitors in general, talk about their trainers, it’s like Gerdy said, it takes them out of the planning part of the equation, and they essentially put the decision making in someone else’s hands.

Or, it can simply be a nuritionist, who helps with ‘contest prep’ (seems to be a big business these days). Most folks love training, but don’t seem to understand the issues involved in losing bodyfat and maintaining muscle (not to mention the manipulation of carbs and water towards the end) specifically for a show. This is when someone else can be helpful.

Personally, the few BBers I’ve looked up to in the past, as well as the few natty guys I chat with, have all done their own research, and not relied on ‘trainers’, aside from their training partners, or buddies for objective views on how they’re dialing their conditioning in.

My own training partner will constantly inform me that he’s not a cheerleader, and when I’m dragging my ass, and ‘normal’ folks in the gym are saying I look great, he’ll point out that my obliques look fat, and I’ll never be ready on time for my show… then I go and do some INterval work on the eliptical instead of going home -lol.


Listen to everyone / decide for yourself.

When someone is a professional and money earned from that profession is what feeds the family, ideas such as doing it all oneself are nice ideas. But if results will be better if using a trainer such as Charles Glass, at that level it would be pretty foolish not to employ such an advantage.

Some like Dorian are indeed going to plan better for their own training than any outside person could possibly do. Many others are not there. Having the genetics to be an outstanding professional bodybuilder does not necessarily mean being talented at planning training, even one’s own.

Though quite a few pros are very good at it, clearly, for their own cases and for all I know perhaps for others as well.