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Should Paleo Dieter Increase Carbs w/ Indigo?


Roughly speaking, I'm a paleo dieter, although I probably consume more saturated fat than the that diet calls for in its strictest form. Bascially works for me. (Age: 46, Ht: 5'9" Wt: 235, BF: 12%, 1RM Bch: 415, 1RM DL: 550, 1RM Sqt (par'l): 475 (All with no shirt, no suit and no belt).

I'm considering ponying up for Indigo 3G, but I want to target optimal macronutrient ratios beforehand. Should I increase my carbs? If so, should I consume higher GI carbs, at least post workout? Is there an optimal macronutrient ratio with Indigo supplementation? Does that ratio vary between workout days and non-workout days?


Indigo works best with carbs.

Actually Indigo works best with A LOT of carbs.

Many people who used to consume 100g of less are now eating in the 200-300g range and getting leaner.

I used to not be able to go much above 300g of carbs without gaining fat. Now I'm eating roughly 500g and staying just as lean (I actually lost some fat in the first couple of weeks on 300-400g of carbs).

There is no specific macro breakdown that works best for all. My advice would be to eat at least 1.5g / lbs bodyweight of protein, even more if you want to maximize growth. I'm probably getting 2g / lbs now, not sure if it's optimal or not, but it's simply a result of how I eat.

Carbs can then be adjusted according to goals - start by making sure you're getting at least 100g periworkout (more if you want to gain as much as possible). After that the first two places to increase carbs would be breakfast and the post-workout meal. Make sure you have some carbs with every post-Indigo meal.

As far as fats go, I stick to having a variety of fats in my diet while keeping the sources lean. It gets me something in the 100-125g range I believe.

Finally, the main difference between workout and rest days should be peri-workout. By not having it you drop your carbs by at least 100g, as well as protein and (if you have finibars) fat.