Should Older Guys Use More Test Than Younger Guys?

Okay, I’m 36 yrs old and have a few cycles under my belt but not quite seeing the gains I want. I was curious if older guys should be taking more test on cycle than a guy who is say 25?

Not necessarily. Need abit more info.

What have your previous cycles consisted of?

Whats your current height, weight?

Training routine?


5’7" 230lbs mostly muscle. My last cycle was test 750/w, Deca 500/w, dbal 60/d. I train hard. Rep range between 6 and 20 depending on the muscle group. Super sets. Drop sets.

Define “not quite seeing the gains I want.”

I myself am slightly older than you and I too have a few, well more than a few,cycles under my belt. I am just under 6 foot, like sometimes the doctors wall ruler says 6 and other times it says 5’11 3/4. I am usually around 230 lbs with sub 10% body fat. Most of my recent cycles have been geared towards what I call filling out and burning fat but my last gaining like trying to gain cycle I was only able to get 5-6 lbs. It’s just part of the game the further you go the harder and harder the next pound is to gain. There was this pro body builder like over 300 lbs after a gaining cycle and above 275 after his cut and he said if he could get 2-3 lbs of quality mass per year at his level of development then he considered it a good year. Basically it’s all relative to where you are at with your development and I have to say I am consistently one of the biggest guys in any gym I go to and you are 4 or so inches shorter but at the same weight, you are are a very solid guy. Heck even if you were pushing 15 to 20% body fat you would still have significant muscle mass.

Now something I usually run into with guys that stop me and ask about slow to no gains is their quality protein intake. You need to be shooting for and getting damn close to a gram per pound of body weight but it has to be quality. Those cheap ass weight gaining shakes usually have a pretty low grade of whey protein bye product in them. All of them that have whey will be a bye product but their are grades. The easiest way to tell is how your stomach reacts after you chug it. If you get any stomach aches, bubbles guts, just kinda funny feelings or if you still have some serious stank on your farts after using that brand for 3-4 weeks then it is lower quality protein. Most of us will loose the extra stanky farts after 1-2 weeks but some of our bowels are slower than others when it comes to adjusting. We only loose the stank on our farts if the protein is quality and our bodies can break it down and absorb it.
A GREAT as in the BEST quality protein period is egg whites. Go get some eggs and hard boil them. Depending on size they can be 4-9 grams per.

The other thing that will slow or stop gains is improper sleep to include high stress levels that don’t let you properly rest.

You are taking some decent sized doses provided your source is legit then you should still be gaining at those levels. Just like any other drugs out there our bodies become desensitized to our regularly used hormones so switch it up. Heck I bet if you did a hard cut and finally saw in detail the mass that you have made, you would feel better about the slower gains that you have to deal with as your development progresses.

Just throwing more gear (as in higher and higher doses) at it is not the answer!

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Why are you interested in using more testosterone?

Why not look into other aas that were designed for the sole purpose of building muscle and do it at rates way higher then testosterone.

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At 36, you’re not quite at the stage where age will dictate some things. To varying degrees, but demonstrably true, is the fact that you won’t carry the same size and conditioning at 45 as you did at 35, and so on. Regardless of what you take and how you eat/live (unless you are willing to compromise your health and get extreme). Personally, as I’ve gotten older, I find I get more out of less, dosage wise. Probably has a lot to do with the other aspects like training, nutrition timing etc, but I def don’t seem to need as much as in my younger days to maintain and/or make some gains.

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Jesus CHRIST, can we get a pic?

God DAMN, my left ventricle is exploding thinking about how massive you are



Are you a competitive bodybuilder?

I was gonna say the doses you’re using are insane for a non-competitive athlete, but at you’re size they actually make sense.

I wonder how large i’d get if I bit the bullet and simply ran 500mg test E… I guess we will never know

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