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Should My Finger Look Like This?


Okay, so a year ago in a streetfight my left-hook connected bad and I got a compound fracture of the pinkie(continued with fight but lost). Over the last year I've been squeezing elasto putty and doing grip strength exercises to help bring the muscle in that finger up to strength.

My question is: Anyone else had a compound break in the finger like this? Are you still able to hit hard and not break it again?


Oops. Wrong picture. That's was after it was set by the nurse at ER(would've set it myself but the break was very close to the knuckle and unstable)


Having trouble uploading correct picture now. I'll try again.


Why you asking here? Go see a quack.
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I did. The ignorance of medical doctors astounds me. I have gone through more than a dozen doctors over the years and I am yet to find one who is not a moron. I have also found them to be extremely immoral(i.e. my elderly mother went to see her GP for a serious knee injury and the Doctor told her it was 'all in her head'.

He then attempted to push dangerous anti-depressants on her even though she has never suffered depression. They get kickbacks from the Pharm companies for pushing the crap.) Also, I had patella instability from the age of 14 onwards and it was misdiagnosed numerous times, resulting in more than 30 kneecap dislocations over 10 years.

I was hoping there might be some MMA fighters/boxers here who've had a similar injury and know the score. Basically, can I ever punch again or is my hand finished?


Why are you asking for help? You apparently already know more than everybody else on this site. Help yourself.


Once again, I apologise for all of my shortcomings. Thank you for your help.


What I would do is request a copy of the xrays done from the facility that you had it set at. Ask for the Pre-reduction and Post-reduction films. Also, if after a year your finger looks like that I suspect that they set it incorrectly and its unfortunately healed in the wrong position, therefore creating pain probably because of pressure from the bone on a nerve. To fix something like that I would guess they would have to completely rebreak the proximal phalange and maybe put hardware in there to make sure it heals in the correct position. If you are not getting decent healthcare at the facility your going to, take your prior films and go to a sports medicine specialist or a hand specialist. Good Luck.


Thanks for your reply. I should point out that the picture was taken on the night of the injury. I noticed that hardly any posts in the 'injury/rehab' section get answered because not many people visit it unless they are looking for help for their own injury. Therefore I chose the thread title 'should my finger look like this?' to draw some interest.

I had x-rays taken 6 weeks after the break and the Doctor said it had 'knitted well'. I wasn't able to get much more out of him. I did see a physiotherapist who helped with providing exercises to strengthen the muscle in my finger which had weakened during the knitting period. I am still doing them a year later because this finger still feels weak. I asked the phsyiotherapist whether the bone would be weaker now and easier to break but she just said it depends on too many things for her to give me an answer.

I would like to see a hand specialist but as the bone is knitted I would really just be seeing him/her to ask a few questions regarding how strong the bone is now and whether it is likely to break easily. A lot of money to spend to get a few questions answered but I suppose they're the best ones to ask. Thanks.