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Should Marquez Fight PacMan Again?

First of all, what a fucking great fighter JMM is! He dominated a bigger, stronger, younger opponent last night with great counter-punching and combinations on the inside. After the fight came the predictable questions about a 5th fight with Manny. Apart from the obvious financial windfall, I see no real benefit for JMM to take this fight.

His legacy was secured when he knocked Manny out in their last fight, beating him again doesn’t prove anything and a loss would at least marginal take the luster off the last fight. Of course I would definitely watch it if the fight happens! What do you guys think, should Marquez take the fight and if so, who wins?

Bit off topic but this is interesting. Now there calling him a cheat. Personally i think its bullshit

No. I think Pac would lose again for a 3rd straight time. Styles make fights and Pac can’t deal with JMM’s style. 3rd fight JMM should have won by points and the 4th fight he put him to sleep. He’s Pac’s kryptonite.
Funny how Pac beat Bradley twice and Bradley hung with JMM.

We all know how big PAC-Marquez 5 would be. Big, but not huge. Would do
Good numbers. Marquez has the power round the negotiation table. As far as he’s concerned he’s shown he’s the better fighter. I don’t think he money motivated but he deserves more of the split now.

I’d rather see him go for the 5th division world title. I can’t keep up with all the belts. Who holds one of those now a days? Lol. (Other tHan Floyd who I doubt he has any real interest in fighting).

Pacquiao DOES have the WBO belt though, and Manny agreed to give a shot to the winner of Marquez-Alvarado.

As a boxing fan I have to say I give fuck all about the super-diamond-interim belt. I don’t know them, I don’t keep up with them, I don’t care.

JMM to me has secured his place in the sport. He had that before the Alvarado win - dude was outclassed from the very beginning even though he was much bigger - and he’s fightin for paychecks and fun now.

A fifth fight with Pac would prove what we already know: that Pac has to leave the ring on his back for JMM to get the win, even though I had him winning every fight they’ve had together (with the exception of the draw, I could see that).

I don’t care really who he fights, I just try to enjoy the moment. You’re watching one of the greats at work, so you should too!