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Should Kerry delay accepting Nonimation

There’s not enough debate going on for my liking, so I thought I’d throw some chum in the water.

IMHO, It’s about par for the course for the democrats to demagogue an issue, then change the rules to suit them.

. o O (god forbid anybody think in this world)

wonderful, another politcial thread.


I love me some political threads!

Vegita, the prince of all Sayajins and ruler of the univers!

Okay - maybe I should rephrase the question in t-man yerms:

If Kerry started taking Hot-Rox, should he then be allowed to delay accepting the nomination, and circumvent the rules put in place as as result of McCain-Feingold?

He should accept the nomination. Not accepting it until later will make things messy on several levels. It looks shady too.

But he shouldn’t tip his hand about it either way, until the night of the convention, and drive the TV ratings throught he roof with the controversey.

He should only take Hot-Rox as assistance to an already clean diet. He shouldn’t take Hot-Rox to help offset a poor diet.

Please explain how delaying the acceptance is circumventing M-F? Is there a rule somewhere that a candidate must accept the party’s nomination within some specified time frame? Does he have to accept that night? Within 24 hours?

It’s pretty simple really. Once he accepts he is limited to $75M campaign spending. Bush has 5 weeks from that point until the republican convention, when he will then be limited to the same amount. So he could easily spend any amount Rove wants in that time period and put Kerry at a real disadvantage.

Kerry would be stupid to put himself in that position, just as Bush would be if the convertion schedule was reversed. (Of course Bush is already stupid, but that’s another thread.)

Too late… the hand has already been tipped apparently…

tme - This is the first election that falls under M-F.

My understanding is that, the moment Kerry accepts the nomination he is limited to the $75m. What is the purpose of having a convention if the candidate refuses to accept the nomination when it is offered to him?

There must be some question about the legality of this move, as Kerry has petitioned the federal election committe for a ruling.

If he is taking Tribex as well… He’s got the green light!

Yep, he announced he will accept the nomination, like usual.

With all the Fat Cats behind Bush, there’s no way Kerry can compete on a dollar for dollar basis, so it wouldn’t have ever been equal anyway.

Lumpy does the name George Soros mean anything to you?

I say he delays. Not because I think it is O.K. for his party to set a nomination date and then try to go back on this when the rules seem unfavorable to them. It’s like calling for a Florida recount after Gore lost.
I would like every Democratic supporter of Kerry to empty their pockets in his failed attempt at the Presidency.

I’m angry with the Democrats right now. They are so for off base that they need to be humiliated back to the center. John Kerry as your Presidential Candidate? Nancy Pelosi as your major house voice? Ted Kennedy as your “Grand, wise old party man?”

If they had their way there would be no sports being played in school because someone would have to lose. Either that, or there would be mandatory sandals worn in every sporting event.

Oh, Elk, I’ll bring the chips to the party. You bring the booze (you are going to need it),


Go do a search… there is already news out there saying what he is going to do… hello.

Oh, by the way, speaking of Ted Kennedy, I’d like to propose a toast!!!


Good one buddy! Hahaha

I know who George Souros is.

Who Is Richard Mellon Scaife?

Try Google.

So I guess this brings a nice and tidy close to this thread.

Kerry is going to stand up and do the right thing - kudos to the french-loving, and German by marraige John Kerry

I agree he’s doing the right thing by accepting the nomination. But I also think maybe MF should be revised to eliminate the time advantage one party can gain over the other. If the convention schedule was reversed I think we’d be hearing lots of squeeling about fairness. I think the clock should start for BOTH candidates when the first one accepts. That would level the playing field some anyway.

OMG! He doesn’t hate the French and the German? Burn him at the stake I say…