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Should I Z-Track My Injections?

i’m pinning 500mg (2ml) of test-e once a week. i’m about to start my third week, and my post injection pain was almost unbearable. first and second injections went into my right and left anterior quad. the first injection came with some PIP, which i was not expecting to be so intense. i had to limp for about 3 days. eventually it got better. the second injection, i’m pretty sure i didn’t go deep enough and the gear spread to my subdermal level because my entire quad is swollen and MUCH more painful. ROM went totally out the window and I had a serious limp from monday (day of pin) to this (friday) morning. there is still a hard lump and some edema, but no fever or increasing pain, pitting, or redness. anyway, to avoid this happening in the future, i was wondering if the z-track method would be best, or if any of the vets use it. i also heard that noob muscles (i had never pinned anything before) have it the hardest the first time. i’m kind of dreading this monday because i’ll be pinning my right quad again. hopefully the pain isn’t as intense.

i read the sticky. inb4 “you didn’t read the sticky” the sticky doesn’t cover shallow injections that spread dermally.

if you’re not pinning deep enough then z-tracking won’t help.

try pinning somewhere else. Everytime I pin my quads it’s agony, but glutes are fine.

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
Everytime I pin my quads it’s agony, but glutes are fine.[/quote]


What pins are you using? Some generally pain-free (or atleast less painful) sites include glutes, ventroglutes (find the old Prisoner thread on this site), side delts and high medial triceps.
You could also try the regular pain mitigation strategies of heating the oil, massaging the depot, pinning after working the area, trying to relax the target muscle completely etc…


Ventrogluteal is the best in my opinion. Just a little tough to locate at first.

Maybe your pins aren’t long enough, or maybe you aren’t going in at the right angle. 90 degree angle to the skin

I’d suggest doing 1ml injections E3D rather than 2ml once a week, especially for your virgin muscles. Try your glutes and delts as well. Glutes were butter for me my first cycle same with quads and delts. Kept quads and delts to 1ml tho with 25G1" and 25G1.5"for glutes.

thanks for the info guys. i think i’ll make the switch to ventrogluteal. i’ve done it on patients lots of times, just never on myself which is why i’m apprehensive. it’s tough to get your landmarks when you’re used to putting your palm on someone’s trochanter. i can’t exactly do that to myself. i read a lot about different sites and the amount of nerve endings. i’ll be using this info for my monday pin and we’ll see how it goes. much appreciated.