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Should I Worry About Low Estradiol?

I had my levels taken (I’m not on T-Replacement yet, but wanted a baseline), and everything looked to be in normal range, except estradiol. I think I remember TC putting out an article one time that mentioned low levels there are linked to having shitty orgasms, which I have noticed I’ve had for about a year now inexplicably. Everything else functions 100% fine, I just have garbage orgasms now.


  • Total Test: 652 ng/DL (range: 240-950)
  • Free Test: 10.4 ng/DL (range: 4.65 - 18.1)
  • Prolactin: 7.7 ng/ml (range: 2.1 - 17.7)
  • TSH: 0.9 uIu/ml (range: .55 - 4.78)
  • FSH: 5.8 IU/L (range: 1.4 - 18.4)
  • LH: 4.3 IU/L (range: 1.5 - 9.3)
  • Estradiol: 19 pg/ml (range: 27 - 52)

Other info: 39, male, still in peak shape, well rounded diet, track what I eat, etc. I can’t find any gaps in my diet, although I wasn’t getting iodine from table salt since I use sea salt. I added iodine to supplement regimen after these results.

edited: Prolactin range is 2.1-17.7, not 2.1-7.7. I suck cocks.

Yours is on the lower end, but it’s not ‘holy shit how are you alive?’ low. It would explain the lousy orgasms, certainly.

I would guess your prolactin being exactly on the last digit of the high range has more to do with your orgasms than slightly under range E2. If you E2 was half of what it is, then I would look there.

Either or both could be an issue. Don’t count either out yet. I posted so you don’t exclude prolactin from consideration. Many can be in range (on the high end and get libido / erection issues).

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If you had sex or jerked prior to lab draw , may show high. Next lab don’t do anything exciting before.

I agree with Ben. Prolactin could be the issue. Some take p5p form of vitamin b6 to lower prolactin a bit.

Your estradiol looks good. Probably your body is perfectly balancing where it wants it.

Also what made you start iodine supplements? How did you get that from your lab. In the United States there’s never or rarely an iodine deficiency. Plus your thyroid numbers look good.

What supplements are you taking? I mean with the estradiol range you put it is under the range. Sometimes certain supplements Even some high dose vitamins may lower your estrogen.

Can you post your metabolic panel if you took that with your lab?

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What lab was it? The ranges look odd, but this e2 range looks more reasonable for guys.

The prolactin range is strange: labcorp range goes up to 15 and 7 would be right in the middle.

Just curious

Shit that should say 17.7 for upper range on Prolactin

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Then I would exclude prolactin from your suspects list.

No sex or jacking prior to labs…

I supplement with magnesium, flameout, curcuminin, vitamin D, glycine, and leucine.

You need to research each supplement. Type the name of the supp and estrogen or estradiol in google search and research.

I believe curcuminin and vit d may lower estradiol. Maybe just high doses though.

Flame out I wonder what that has in it

I would retest again in a couple of weeks just to see how you vary from snapshot to snapshot. E at 19 is not bad, but if its dipping then I would want to check bone density just to be sure Im not truly low in E. Other than that, if you do get on TRT at some point dont take an AI. Im sure that you will level out nicely