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Should I Work Out More?


Hi, currently im training for my first year of football in the fall. Each month we have to find our new max and find out how much we have improved. My bench and incline went from 145 to 155 and my hang clean went from 95 to 120. And I found out today my power clean is 125. I thought this a low improvement. I was wondering if i should lift more than 3 times a week or just let it flow and increase my protein intake or something in my diet. We also started runnning a steep hill which will hel my legs, pus our 5th lap we have to piggy back a person up the hill, i took a 160lb kid, beings i was the heaviest there.


well if thats one month progree that aint shabby just keep it up.

Also more time?? you have choices spend more time doing half assed workouts getting half assed results Or Bring the shit give it your all every damn time and dont go more but receive the progress /gains. Now thats a pretty blanket statment as I/we dont know your training etc. what you are doing.

Post your training, diet etc, all of those and more can hamper, or make your progress excell. We'll be able to help more with mopre info.



My question immeadiately is how is your bench and incline the same? I don't think I know anyone who is stronger on incline, than they are on flat bench. This leads me to believe you aren't going all out on your bench, or your spotter is helping more on inclines than he lets on. If you can incline 155, you should be benching 185.


I know that made me wonder too. I think im gonna max out on bench again. the day we did bench i wasnt feeling my best. so on monday ill rebench and see wut i do.