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Should I Wait Between Meals?

I’m at college and i am at class about 5 hours a day and the rest i spend in my room studying, jacking off, or working out.

I am trying to gain weight, and my question is this.
Is it bad to eat nonstop? I am following JB’s massive eating of eating P+C and P+F meals, but i find when i wait 2 hours bewteen each meal, i don’t feel as though i am getting enough food.

But, one of the reasons behind JB’s P+F meals being effective is that eating fat relaeses lypase enzymes into your blood which digests fat already in your cells and the fat you just ate.

For P+C, i am worried that if i eat nonstop my insulin levels may continually crash and eventually i’ll become insulin resistant.

Is this something to worry about?
Can someone who is on JB’s diet help me out?

Don’t overthink this. At your age and with your hormone levels, just eat everything in sight, lift and sleep.

Study and jackoff too, of course.