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Should I Use Dr.Scallys Power PCT After 2-3 Years On?

At first I was dead set on using this protocol but my research is giving me mixed opinions regarding this pct…namely the HCG dosage. Unfortunately I did not use hcg while on cycle so now my testes are the size of raisins. Some of my research has revealed that 2k iu should be used for 16 or so shots following the end of the cycle leading up to clomid/nolva. Other sources state that this will lead to leydig cell desensitization and will ultimately cause more damage. What would you guys recommend to get back to normal and eventually having kids one day?

Not sure if I should just skip hcg all together and hope for the best with nolva/clomid for 12 weeks?

His power pct looks insane, but it also looks a lot like the kind of protocol that doctors use to help former trt patients regain fertility. If you want to go down that road then do it under medical supervision. That’s not the kind of endeavor you should undertake by yourself.

Conversely, you could try to use a less intensive hcg protocol for a few weeks and follow it up with a longer Clomid monotherapy. That would be a bit easier on your body and it may work. But be prepared for a lot of blood work and a lot of frustration. Being shut down for 2+ years is going to make things more difficult no matter what you try, so be patient.

By clomid monotherapy do you mean clomid for longer than the originally planned 12 weeks?

Why go through all the hassle? Why not just go TrT? Sounds like there is going to be a lot of ups and downs with all these “therapies” and restarts.

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