Should I Use an ECA?

Some of you might remember me...most probably won't.  I started posting on here a while ago...and stopped a while ago as well.  Since then I have just come on to read some posts and alot of the articles.  I've been training since then.  I can't post progress pics because I have no camera, however when I started I was about 5'9" 165lbs, max bench - 185lbs , max squat - 285lbs , max deadlift - 225 lbs.

Now…almost 2 years later…Im 5’9" 205lbs, max bench - 335lbs , max squat 405lbs , max deadlift - 455lbs.

I’ve tried to maintain a diet which offers 6-7 meals a day, most of which REAL meals. I try to eat atleast one steak meal a day, but I get alot of my protein from fish and chicken. I eat alot of brown rice, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, an array of fruit, and an orray of vegetables. I eat alot of oatmeal too…

Anyway, I have a wedding to go to, and to be quiet honest I’ve gained some bodyfat, I have a little gut, and I’d like to cut up a little bit for the wedding. I got my hands on an eca stack. As of now, before taking the stack, I continue to lift 4 days a week, and am running 2 miles everyday. Ive cut my calories 10% below my baseline. I want to incooperate the eca stack, but I don’t know how I should be running on it. Should I run the same amount while on ECA…or will my heart explode lol? Are there any major precautions I should take?


wow…bump bump bump bump bump…all i wanna know is should i reduce cardio intensity on eca…

As long as you don’t excede the recommended dose you should be fine. A few years ago I took an ECA stack while running every day without any problems. I ran a minimum of 3 miles a day and usually averaged closer to 5. I was also doing a little bit of lifting at the time to do what I could to minimalize muscle loss. I had a lot of fat to lose at the time and I cut it pretty quickly.

I would really like to get my hands on an ECA stack again although I’m lifting more this time around I still think it’d help me tone up more.

If you don’t end up using it, I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

Took my first dose today. This particular brand’s ingredients per ONE tablet are as follows:

Ephedra Extract (25mg ephedrine group alkaloids), Guarana Seed Extract (200 mg caffeine), White Willow Bark, Hoodia, Chromium Picolinate 100mcg

Thats in one tablet…now I took one tablet and honest to god…I didnt feel anything in terms of energy!. I noticed nothing. I’m a little suprised to be honest, everything I’ve read about ephedra is how much of a kick it gives and people have even gone as far as to say to start with as little as 8mg.

I took 25mg right off the bat and noticed nothing…? Can this company legally list ephedra (25mgs ephedrine alkaloids) in the ingredients if there really is no ephedra???

The company is America’s Best ECA STACK Xtreme. Is this stuff bullshit??

Ok…I been trying to find whatever I can on this stuff I got…I FIGURED that if something is called ECA stack Xtreme…and the ingredients clearly say 25mgs ephedra on the website…that would mean 25mgs of ephedra.

The site I bought it from is this thatwholesale and on their site it specifically states the ingredients as : SERVING SIZE: 1 PILL

On another site…americasnutrition its very strange the way it words it. “ECA Stack Xtreme is an acronym for Ephedrine (E), Caffeine (C), & Aspirin (A). Original ECA Stack Xtreme contains ephedrine formula free, Aspirin precursors from White Willow Bark and pharmaceutical grade Caffeine Anydrous.” Ephedrine formula free?

wtf…but yet it still states in ingredients from this site as well: Amount Per Serving: Propietary Blend 520mg Ephedra extract (leaves/stems) (25mg ephedrine group alkaloids), Guarana Seed Extract (200mg Caffeine, White Willow Bark, Hoodia, Chromium Picolinate 100mcg. Wtf is the deal…is there ephedra or not?

That wording is kind of confusing. I’m not really sure how much, if any, actual ephedrine is in there.

I did a google search on “Xenadrine RFA-1” though because that is an old ECA stack that I personally know works and coincidentally one of the first links I got was to “” where they’re selling two knock-offs.

One they call “Superdrine RX-10” and another called “Zenalean Pro”. Both of these say that they contain the exact same key ingredients at the exact same levels as Xenadrine RFA-1 did. Now…I should probably also say that this is a high dose of ephedrine. In the “Can you Still get Ephedrine” thread there was some surprise when one member mentioned popping 200mg of ephedrine a day.

These supplements claim to contain 167mg per pill and the serving size is 2. That is a lot of ephedrine apparently. I don’t know how much ephedrine was in Xenadrine RFA-1 but if this is really how much was in there than I guess I was popping 668mg a day of ephedrine at one time…

Anyway, that may be too much, but if you’ve ordered from this site without getting ripped off I’m tempted to order a knock off bottle myself and maybe do a half dose a day.

It’s probably one of those less potent Ephedra species as it doesn’t specifically say “Ephedra Sinica” or “Ephedrine HCL”.

I believe E. Sinica has been banned to be used in a dietary supplement. Let alone in 25mg doses. Legally, only 10mg is allowed in a dosage.

Personally though I would have rather just get ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin separately. That way you can control how much of each you are putting into your body. The recommended dosage is 25mg E, 200mg C, and 325mg A. And this is taken 2-3 times a day.

I’ll be trying out the ECA for the first time too… as soon as my bottle arrives in the mail. Gotta do your research first, right? =)

Well…I did get the product I bought…and the ingredients do say Ephedra Extract (25mg ephedrine group alkaloids), Guarana Seed Extract (200 mg caffeine), White Willow Bark, Hoodia, Chromium Picolinate 100mcg…so I really doubt that a product can put false ingredients…?

hey thanks for the ratio bobo86.

I was mostly searching xenadrine in hopes to find what ratio they used. maybe these knock offs are upping the amount of e in their stack to make up for less potent ingredients. maybe thats why such high dosage.

did you order your stack from suppscanada? and did you take your own advice just ordering straight e to make your own stack?

i may try that. thanks also for clarifying what e (sinica/hcl) to look for.

btw facko, based on my own experience with an eca stack…

the lack of an obvious energy boost shouldn’t been seen as a sign that nothing is happening. give it some time and watch the scale/bf%. I always felt that people’s reports of super energy were maybe a bit over stated. i didn’t feel like i was on speed or anything like that when i took it.

at most i felt a little more alert on days when i might have otherwise been dragging a little. basically the difference i felt was more like the difference between when you first get to work and after that first cup of coffee.

“so I really doubt that a product can put false ingredients…?”

You’d be surprised…

I bought my ephedrine from suppscanada… hella cheap too. But they’re only in 8mg doses. Got my caffeine pills from GNC. And I’m still contemplating whether or not to add in aspirin.

Ok guys…thanks…yea I guess time will tell then. If its bunk…just gonna have to find vasopro…

It does look pretty cheap there. Do they restrict how much you can buy? I hear there are limits, but they list a bulk order option for 12 bottles.


They also have a 1200 Tablets (24 Pack).


I don’t think it’s as restricted here in Canada as it is in the US. They have a warehouse in my city, so it ships extremely fast. They also have free shipping over $99.

What about shipping to the US?

i really wanted to go for pure ephedrine hcl…however every site i found wanted like 36$ for the overnight shipping (which i NEED To buy so i know exactly when im getting package for various reasons).

No idea! lol

If not you can try

It’s E. Viridis, so I have no idea if it’s as good as sinica or not. orders take forever to ship to Canada but you’ll have better luck. I’m sure there are plenty of site if you google.

As long as you’re using ECA responsibly/adequately and you’re not already suffering from any mental and/or cardiac problems, I don’t see any reason against its use. But then again, I’m no expert in things medical/pharmaceutical.

If you’re aiming at a longer usage period, I’d lay off the Aspirine after one or two weeks. I’ve succesfully used just plain E and C in the past.

As for alternative sources for E: try mormon tea. I had a physician prescribe it and got it from a pharmacy. Clean and cheap stuff.

Have fun and good luck, buddy.