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Should I Use Alpha Male?


I am 20 years old going on 21, wanted to make sure that Alpha Male won't cause problems for my body. I'm also confused about the product, is it a natural method or not? Just wanna make sure it's all safe before I commit.

I am making some awesome gains, but want to take it a step further on this bulk. Any advice would be appreciated, currently 5' 10" 188lbs. Wanna work my way to 210 by new years and keep most the gains lean.


Yeah, you can give it a shot if you'd like, but your natural T levels are still probably very high.

Carbolin 19 is a great suppliment, too- especially for bulking. Alpha Male has a full dose of Carbolin 19 in it, plus the T-boosting ingredients, but its more expensive and you might not need it.


Most deffinately safe, but I was lead to believe it was most effective in older men with lower t levels. Just something to chew on. Wait till some of the more respectable members tell you, they may have better recomendations to spend your money on.


Everyone is just going to tell you that you don't need a test booster at your age, get your training right, get your diet right, blah, blah, blah.

While the above still holds true, you MAY benefit from it... so just try it. It's not like it's going to fuck with your natural test production when you come off it. I actually took TRIBEX Gold about a couple of months ago (I just turned 21 actually as of 40 mins ago lol). Now, it could have been a placebo effect or due to other factors... but I did notice an increase in my strength (like 5-10lbs more than what I was normally lifting).

But then again, you probably don't need it.


It's "natural" (whatever that means) and safe. But it needs to be cycled, you can't take it continuously.

But if I were your age, I'd spend my money on food instead. Especially PWO nutrition, since your body is at its best w.r.t. utilizing that food. Think Surge.


I'd be interested if this kid actually went out and got his bloodwork done, used the Alpha Male, and re-tested after the cycle... Maybe a few of us should do it.

It would cost a few ducats, but it would be worth it in my opinion, given that Biotest offers a 90-day money back guarantee.


i got test levels done, then a few weeks ago started Alpha Male and Rez-V, i am going to do the 12 week cycle then get tested again, i was low before at 313 so we'll see how it goes


Awesome, and I look forward to it. Start a new thread called something like "Alpha Male Blood Results" or something so we know. If you are significantly above 313 we will know its the real deal.


Are you sure about this "not fucking with natural test production when you come off"? I believe I remember reading in a thread some time ago a post by Rockscar, I believe, who said his test dropped considerably after he stopped.

(Rockscar, if you read this and I'm mistaken, please say so. I'm curious about this issue.)



Rockscar doesnt count. He's a medical anomaly. I think they're calling them "mistakes" now'a'days.