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Should I Up Tren Dose?

Hi guys. I started a test prop + tren ace cycle 4 days ago. 525mg of each one per week. I have never used tren before. And i started with 525mg because i have a high resistance to steroids. I get very little side effects if any. Well im in my 4 day and i feel like a beast in the gym. And recovery is awesome. But im wondering if at the end of week 1 not feeling any side effect like now if i could up the tren dose. As the only side effect i have now is a little bit more of anxiety and a little bit more temp in the body. As i said i rarely get any side effect from steroids so i would like to read your opinion guys. Thanks.

Give it a couple weeks before adjusting, and I wouldn’t use side effects as a metric for whether or not to adjust. Some guys on here have done massive Tren cycles with no side effects whatsoever (lucky bastards). You might be one of the lucky few who doesn’t get them.