Should I Up My Dosage?

I just finished my 2nd week of a 12 week cycle consisting of:
500MG of GP Test E pinned 250 on TU morning and 250 on F night
500IU of HCG pinned 250 on M morning and 250 on TH night
12.5 MG of GP aromasin ED
30MG of GP DBOL daily split 10MG each in the morning, noon and night. This is going to be taken for 4 weeks so I have 2 weeks left.

I started weighing in at 209.5lbs and 20.6% BF and now I’m 218 and 20.3% BF. I’m 6 feet tall by the way. I take in no less than 200g of protein a day (I make it up with shakes), around 150g of carbs, and between 85-100g of fats. I take in around 2500 cals a day. I know I should take in more but I’m trying to get my BF down. I gained 8.5lbs in 2 weeks without a change in BF.

Here’s the question. I noticed zero sides. No gyno, no bloating, no shrinking nuts, no PIP, no high blood pressure, no back pumps, no acne, no hair problems, no negative changes, no nothing. To be honest, I have more energy and my libido is up. My dick gets hard at a moment’s notice. I am getting stronger in the gym and my body is recomping. People are already noticing the difference.

Should I up my test dosage to 600MG and the DBOL to 40MG since I don’t have any sides? What about increasing calories? I don’t want to get fat. I’m not happy at 20% BF and would like to get to 15%. Also, I have low T. Before the cycle, I tested at 290 and 277 so the doctor has me on TRT. I didn’t start TRT yet because I want to do this first.


Also, my workouts are:
Monday - Chest & biceps
Bench press - 5x5
Dips - 3 sets of max
Flys (machine or dumbell) - 3x12
push ups - 4 sets of max
standing curl - 4x5
chin ups- 3 sets of max
preacher curl - 3x12
db concentration curl - 3x15

Tuesday - Back & abs
Pull ups - 4 sets of max
deadlifts - 5x3
row (upright or machine) 3x12
machine pull downs - 4x15
bicycle crunch - 4x10
v-ups or machine crunch - 3x20

Wednesday - rest

Thursday - shoulders, triceps and abs
overhead press - 4x5
db lat raises - 4x10
db front raises - 3x12
upright rows - 3x10
close grip bench - 3x8
dips - 3 sets of max
tricep extension machine - 3x10
tricep kick back 3x12
bicycle crunch - 4x12

Friday - legs
Back squat - 3x5
front squat - 5x3
leg extension machine - 4x12
seated leg curl - 4x8
lying leg curl - 3x12
calf extension machine - 5x10
seated calf raises - 3x12

Saturday - rest
Sunday - rest

I would and am not upping my dosage until week 8. if this is your first cycle. I would just wait better to play it safe then sorry