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Should I Try this Instead?

I’ve noticed that when im lifting heavier (sets of 8-10 reps) i rarely ever feel my muscles working in a way which makes me feel as if im hitting them adequately, even if taking some sets to failure and trying as hard as I can to maintain good form and a complete ROM. I can often leave the gym feeling that I could’ve worked the muscle more.\

Would it be more beneficial if i was to choose a lighter weight and reaaaally focus on making the muscle contract, keeping absolute perfect form, total ROM and not going to failure?? In particular, I always feel as if my chest, middle delts and lats don’t feel worked enough after I hit them, and its really quite disheartening, especially as I did always feel satisfied after workouts in the past… Any advice would be great guys, thanks

How much do you squat, deadlift, bench, curl, and press.

Double those numbers and you will be fine.

[quote]austin_bicep wrote:
How much do you squat, deadlift, bench, curl, and press.

Double those numbers and you will be fine.[/quote]


Try upping the volume, too.

I do not ever leave the gym feeling like I could have done more.

I can only asume you are trying to get bigger? I would focus on lifting heavier weight for a while. 6-8 reps.

I certainly wouldn’t go lighter unless I just wanted to perfect form or pump some blood in that area.

Most importantly. I think you need to up your intensity.
Your ass needs to be dragging when you leave the gym.

Mind muscle connection will happen in time. It becomes much more natural as the size comes on.

Maybe you could do 3 heavy sets and finish them off with one more set with high reps?

I don’t post here much but I’m a long time reader and have been training about 10 years off and on.

I love to train heavy but now I’m 36, with a lot of work and study pressure I find I take too long to recover (particulary after heavy legs!!!).

So (to get to the point) I’ve tried dropping back the load and REALLY concentrating on rock solid form and a fairly high volume (for me). The first week I did this I was as sore as I’d been for a long time.

I’m really liking this approach and my recovery has improved.

I’m sure it isn’t for everyone but I guess my point is there is no harm in trying different ways to train as everyone’s body is different.