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Should I try Olympic Lifting?

I’m thinking about O-lifting. I found a club/coach that competes and could teach me the O-lifts. Should I try it? What could I expect from the O-lifting routine?

If you really want to do it bro, then go for it. The lifts that are done are: power snatch, clean and jerk, etc… The training is hard and the movements get hard, but if people see you in the gym doing a clean and jerk you will get some fucked up looks, because no one has seen them done before. In the end it is up to you, I reccomend it but that is me I dig that kind of shit.

It depends on your goals. If you want to get really strong & have a huge lumpy back with lots of carryover to athletics & real life, then go for it. Even if you’re more of a bodybuilder type, I say do the lifts anyway for your upper/lower back & shoulders. If that doesn’t sound good, don’t bother.

Thankyou for the replies. I guess I’ll do the O-lifting cause I want a “lumpy back” look with lots of muscle (that “ideal powerful” look). Other than that it would be a great way of alternating my programs, and basically just learn more.

Go for it. Knowing how to properly do the O-lifts is a skill that few ever get to learn. You’re going to be lifting your whole life, so why not learn a set of lifts that has tremendous athletic carryover and that can offer a chance to escape the tempo controlled world of bodybuilding once in a while.

Go for it. It will blow up two problem areas for most lifters, legs and back. It will also increase your flexibility a ton, and even if you don’t decide to go into copmetition you will undoubtedly learn alot from the various veterans you will be training with.

Could you please list some other olympic lifts besides the two you mentioned. Also, do you know any place on the web that can provide info about how to do them. I searched in
t-mag but only found the article on the power snatch. thanx man

Al, I looked in strengthonline.com Louie simmons and other powerlifter’s website. They have an O-lift routine(s) in the archive section.

Go to Andy Fochtman’s old school forum. There are a bunch of guys who really know their shit (especially Natey ;). If they don’t give you a routine, they’ll tell you where to find one & just about anything else you want to knw about oly lifts.

Go for it. The worst that will happen is you will get big and strong.

Power snatch is NOT an olympic lift. It’s a bastardization of one. Only 2 lifts being competed these days are Clean & Jerk, and Snatch. The power versions are NOT the proper way to do the lifts.


Fuck that, look at how olers lifted 50 yrs ago. The technique that lifters used back then is more like today’s power movements so you can’t possibly say that a power snatch isn’t an olympic lift. Same for a power clean. Lifters squat more deeplly & pull lower because more weight can be handled.

Technically, only C&J and snatch are done in competition. However, every club I’ve ever seen also trains the power movements, especially when you are just beginning. I power snatched a lot before I ever tried a real snatch – power cleans and power snatches are simply easier to do than the full lifts, although you can only use lower weights.

i find olympic lifts A LOT more fun than regular routines once you learn the proper form. like everyone else said, go for it.

Your right, but only because the two exercises are different. Its like saying doing a wide grip pullup is the wrong way to do a close grip chin. They are different exercises. They both have their places.

I would stay the hell away from Oly lifts. All they do is build real world strength, sinewy muscles, speed, increase vert leap, power, joint flexibility, who the hell wants that? I’d rather go and do pulldowns behind the neck, lateral raises, cheat curls in the squat rack, and smith machine squats anyday. If I do those, then I have reduced the need for a training journal because I am not getting any bigger or stronger and the weights are predictable. inertia, it’s the hottest thing going.

Whats the difference between power snatch and olympic snatch?

Nothing quite feels like setting a new PR while doing a mechanically flawless O-lift… It just feels great…