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Should I try andro?

I’m 18 years old, weigh 140lbs. at 5’ 7". I’ve tried dreatine and weight gainers/protein for a while with pretty good results but wanted to know more about androstene. If it’s safe for me, what I should expect, and what the best brands were. Thanks

No offense, but take this simple test. If you can’t answer these questions then NO supplement, even steroids, will help you. How many calories a day are you eatting and how many grams of protein? Sadly, I currently work in a supplement store(not a GNC!) and ALL the high school kids want is fucking CELL-TECH. I know its not the magical supersecret supplement answer you’re looking for but your diet probably blows. I’d recommend following the weight gain diet articles in the back issues.

Danny D, at 18, you are still at an age in which your body is producing an adequate amount of testosterone. Give your body some time, don’t be in such a hurry to start messing with that chemistry. I was like you when I was 18, just starting college, and only weighing 157 lbs on a six foot frame. Eat and train like a champ, and you’ll notice the gains. I did this, only relying on sound nutrition and basic supplementation (creatine, glutamine, protein, meal replacements) and currently hang 208 lbs on my frame at age 21. Only now am I considering trying the andro products. Just gut out your workouts now. In the end, it makes all the work you put into your body worthwhile.

At 18 your skeletal bones are pretty much done growing, so you can probably consider androgen supplementation without worrying about it stunting your skeletal growth. If you decide to go that route, use 4-Androstenediol. Fitness Labs sells a pure 4-AD product, but it’s still an oral so you’d have to take about a gram a day to get any real muscle gains. You’d be better off using Androsol, or perhaps using Androsol and oral 4-AD together. I know the T-mag staff have discouraged this, but I found that I get better results if I use Androsol in combination with high doses of oral 4-AD.

i dont care how much you say your eating, your not eating enough. there issimple matter of calories taken in and your calories that are spent(e.g. from exersice and everythig else you do)if you eat more than burn and excreteyour going to gain weight so eat you skinny bastard.

Jason, on combining oral 4-AD with Androsol to get, in your case, better results. If you get better results than from 70 sprays 2x/day alone, then it’s because you are one of those people that benefit from 4-AD blood levels higher than those you get from that dose. That would be either because of being larger than average, or perhaps having skin that lets through somewhat less 4-AD than average, and the biological variability is probably about plus or minus 30% between people).

So the question is, how do you get these levels increased beyond what you get with 70 sprays 2x/day at lowest cost for your blood level increase.

Androsol sells for the same price per gram as oral 4-AD capsules yet is many times more efficient per gram. So, it’s cheaper to increase your blood levels further by using more sprays of Androsol over a wider area, than by adding capsules.

However, Androsol is not as cheap (cannot be as cheap) as bulk 4-AD powder. If you were buying straight from a manufacturer of quality stuff, you’d be paying much less per gram than what Androsol is, probably about the same factor as that by which Androsol is more efficient, so the bang for the buck would be about the same.

That’s if you bought straight from the manufacturer. From a retailer, even a cheap guy, I think your savings per gram would not be worth the decreased efficiency per gram.

The combo can give you a higher blood level than you could get with any amount of the oral powder alone, but not more than Androsol alone.

So certainly if you already went and bought 100 grams, use it in the combo!

ok im 17… and i just started androsol… but dont let that fool you… i am on the get big diet which means i eat at the very least 4000 calories a day… and at least 275 grams of protein… usually i get 300 grams… before going to androsol… use grow! eat a few eggs in the morning… drink a gallon of milk a day… eat some hamburgers… then fucking drink a shake of advanced protein mixed with some flax oil and glutamine before you go to bed… once youve done this for a month and are not satisfied… add some more protein and maybe some methoxy-7… i know what its like to not eat enough… you dont gain shit… now im eating massivly… and im gaining a ton… along with other factors… i just added androsol for shits and giggles to boost my gaining… it might not be the best route yet

Bill, yes I combine orals with Androsol simply to attain higher blood levels of 4-AD. Moreover, the reason why I like having orals on hand is because of the immediate spike and the resulting nervous system boost before workouts that cannot be attained as quickly by simply adding extra sprays of Androsol. Regarding extra sprays of Androsol, ideally, I would like to apply it about 5 times a day, but I am afraid it will merely build up on my skin and not absorb if I do that. That’s one other reason I use orals. I weigh 200lbs, I don’t know if that’s considered “larger than average.” I definitely believe that more is better, so I would like to take as much Androsol as possible. I just got a shipment of Nandrosol which I am now stacking with Androsol, DHEA, Creatine, and Di-Indolin. When I started this cycle two weeks ago I weighed 190, and I am now at 200lbs. I’m hoping to hit 210 soon. I just received the Nandrosol yesterday, and I’m hoping that Nandrosol is going to do it for me.

Jason, applying Androsol or Nandrosol more times per day will not get more prohormone into your system. The reason is that the limiting factor per square inch of skin is the permeability of the skin, not the amount of prohormone on the surface unless that amount has fallen to the point where, on a microscopic level, less than 30% of the skin has any prohormone on it (but these patches that do have it are microscopically close to the patches that have depleted all their prohormone.) A thicker coat just doesn’t give more results.

Now, if you applied a mixture of Androsol and Nandrosol, which would make the coat contain only half as much of each, then the coat would be depleted more quickly and 3 or 4 times per day application would be appropriate and would give more results.

Generally however to increase amount of prohormone delivered, if that helps you (which it will for some people but not most) the solution is to apply to a larger skin area. It’s easy to find enough skin for 120 sprays
in my experience (if all the legs, front torso,
back, shoulders, and arms are used.)

Thanks, Bill. Maybe I’ll mix the Androsol and Nandrosol into one bottle and see what happens. What I’ve been doing is applying 70 sprays of Androsol on one half of my body and 70 sprays of Nandrosol on the other half at the same time, twice a day - which equals 280 sprays daily. Should I stick with this, or mix them into one bottle? Or will it not make a difference?

Jason, it does make a difference in that if you mix them, but apply the film at the usual thickness, then each prohormone will be exhausted in half the usual time. So you would have to spray twice as often. You would get twice the total amount delivered this way.

You might be able to get away with spraying
doubly-thick and applying only twice per day,
applying 140 sprays in the area usually taking
70 sprays (legs, front and sides of torso, plus arms for example) but based on my experiences with mixing Androsol with equidione in an experiment to produce an “Equisol” product, a film that thick is annoying and maybe tends to be lost onto your clothes, so I don’t recommend it.

Obviously in either of these examples, you might adjust the numbers so as to get say a 50% increase not a doubling, if preferred.

By applying unmodified Androsol and Nandrosol to separate parts of the body, the delivery is at the usual rate, so the usual 2x/day dosing is correct, and the delivery of each is, as expected, only half what it would be if applied to the entire body, but the total amount of prohormone delivered is the same as if applying only one, or applying only the other.

Thanks, Bill. I’ll try mixing them and see what happens.