Should I Try a Cycle?

Alright, so I read the sticky and I have tried to do as much research as possible. (Majority of other places don’t have accurate information). This place is pretty straight forward so my stats:

Body Stats/Lifestyle:
195 lbs
14% bf (I don’t have any good measuring tools, may be a bit less)
22 Years Old
Final Year of University + PT Job
Smoker(I know I’ve been trying to kick it for a long long time, keeps coming back, well not that long but I have) Hope I don’t get flamed.

Currently going to use CytoGainer again good clean weight gainer, was using muscle milk till yeesterday.
GNC Multi-Vitamin
NO Explode
ZMA (some months i use it some months I don’t I find it can help me a lot with my sleep)

I trying to do a clean bulking phase right now(fairly high body fat dont really need it going much higher), so instead of breaking down what I heat every day how bout the total figures for the last 5 days it’s in the form [Calories] [Fat] [Carbs] [Protein] all in grams.

October 29- 3014 74 376 234
October 30- 3549 100 418.5 210.7
October 31- 4264 118.5 434.5 241.5
November 1- 3227 81.4 375 234
November 2- 2952 102 280.5 220
November 3- 2637 61.2 293.5 239.4 [No Weight-gainer or Muscle milk only had whey and had a long day so really short today]

Goal calories is 3500, 70-100, 400, 200

Workout Schedule:

Day 1: Chest/Bis
Day 2: HIIT + ABS & or Cardio
Day 3: Legs/Tris/Lower Back
Day 4: HIIT + ABS & or Cardio
Day 5: Back/Shoulders
Day 6: Double Up anything if possible or off day
Day 7: Off day

Working out pretty seriously for a year on and off for 3 years.

I didn’t read anywhere if this against the rules so I hope this isn’t but should i toy with the idea of a couple cycles of AAS or PHs or should I keep going as is, any suggestions?

Keep going as is, personally id drop the cardio keep the calories for growing.

Quit smoking.

This is the best advice you will receive this time around, and it is from a former smoker of over 10 years.

There are a number of methods, I like Alan Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Will power is a myth, don’t let anyone on this site fool you into believing that is what drives us. They are deluded. If you’d like to know more you are free to PM me.

Now, are you ready for a cycle? No, not by any means do I think you are. And I think you probably know that, too.

LOL at Cortes, you read my mind, and I guess I missed one of the stickies that says if your under 25 and haven’t been in the gym for 5 years then don’t bother. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the heads up on the Alan Carr’s looks like interesting stuff, 150$ CDN is still pricey we’ll see where I can fit that in.

Woah! Don’t pay that much! Look around US amazon and import a $7 copy.

Good luck. And just so you know, I know exactly how difficult it is to imagine not wanting another cigarette, ever, but I have not wanted one in I don’t know how many years. In fact, the very thought of them makes me ill.

When you do quit, you’ll be amazed at all of the other positive health benefits that happen in your body, since you body is free to use its lungs in the manner they are intended and doesn’t have to do all that work of constantly removing poison from your system.

Again, good luck.

on a side note Cortes (although he does not advertise as such) is an incredible resource for positive thinking/mental well being/self esteem type information. he has ALOT of valuable insight into these issues, UTILIZE THAT RESOURCE.

Heh. Thanks a lot for that, morepain. Believe it or not, that endorsement is the biggest honor I have I feel I have ever received on this site. I really appreciate it. And yes, if anybody feels that their “willpower” is getting them nowhere, or that they appear to have none when others have so much of it, or they can’t figure out why they can’t seem to succeed no matter what they do, please, seriously, feel free to PM me.

I don’t care what kind of crap you hear from people about being a man or just sucking it up, most people have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to advising others on how to create lasting change in anyone else’s life, or their own, for that matter.

I’m not so authoritative, but I am blessed to have stumbled upon the teachings of some really smart people, whose teachings led me to those of some more really smart people, and I would be more than happy to help anyone who is willing to ask for that help.

Someone showed me the way when I was looking for it, and that one trigger was all it took for me.