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Should I Try 6-Week DBol Only to Bulk?

So my buddy moved to Miami and he’s been there about 2 months and he went down there pretty chunky with little muscle mass. He has completely transformed since going down there and he said was using Dbol. He said he could get me some, now I have done a shit ton of research and still on the edge of trying a 6 week cycle. I don’t know what to take with it or what to take for PCT as everyone says different things. More or less i’m just looking for someone to help me answer the question of should I try it or not.

“I have done a shit ton of research”

Followed by:

“I don’t know”

I think you should research a little bit more… :sob:


If you’ve done any amount of real research, you’d know oral only cycles are a bad idea.


AAS 101 Rule 1: test is always your base.

Test is the foundation. You need it.

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It’s not worth it. You get six weeks of great strength and size followed by a miserable pct and end up with very little to show for it. In six weeks dbol will not put on any real, appreciable muscle mass. It’ll look like muscle, but it isn’t. Best to wait until you’re ready for a real grownup cycle that is planned and executed well and for the right reasons.

Thanks guys!!! All I needed to hear.

Yeah it was more or less I didn’t completely understand everything I reading.