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Should I Train...


Hey guys,

Looking for your input/advice on whether I should train with an elite level powerlifter. The quick answer is obviously "hell yes!" but there are some things to consider first. I'll tell you that this guy competes in the super heavy weight division, squats over 950, benches and deadlifts 770+.

First of all, I do jiu jitsu and a little boxing about 3-5 days per week. Getting better at this is my top priority.

Keep in mind that this powerlifter uses a lot of very high volume stuff and the workouts might be too taxing.

I've currently got a good training partner who is consistent and though he hasn't been training very long, has gotten pretty strong and has a lot of potential to get really strong. It's a pretty good environment but I'm sure it's not the same as being around a guy who squats over 900.

I'm in college and will have the summer off, except for working as a security guard (very slack, easy work). So I definitely want to make the most of this time by getting better at jiu jitsu while getting stronger. So what do you think, continue doing what I'm doing or train with him?


Train with him. You don't have to do the same workouts as him.


If you tell him that it's your top priority and you just want to gain strength..i bet his knowledge about how to develop that strength and power is invaluable..so id deifnatly get right on that!




Thats pretty sick to be able to work out with a guy that strong.


The opportunity to practice BBJ will always be there, but the chance to train with an elite lifter doesn't come that often.


Unless you're training with someone comparable in your martial arts, then you almost have to train with this guy.


Man, I'd choke a puppy in broad daylight to be able to train with a guy like that.