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Should I Train My Shoulders Harder?

Hi. Yeah, bad lightning, but does it look like I should even focus on shoulders from now on ?

I was doing overhead presses some time ago, ~70kg weight, a little bit damaged my shoulder tendons, now focused on recovery, doing light shoulder workouts, correct form etc, healed up at the moment… Does this look like some kind of shoulder inflammation or something ? lol


I am focusing now on abs/chest. Chest 2 times a week, monday mega heavy, and friday light conditioning, high reps.

You have a good taper, and your shoulders look great. The lighting sucks and it’s tough to tell everything about you, but you’re doing well. No leg pics, and your chest is definitely a weak point, but you’re obviously addressing the chest part. My only beef is if you’ve legitimately damaged shoulder tendons, you do know that a “mega-heavy chest day” is going to destroy your shoulders, right? If you’re training strictly for aesthetics, it’s almost never necessary to go mega heavy.

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Thanks for answer mate, a while ago my big problem with chest training was the actual shoulder involvement mostly, but now, I’ve totally fixed it, mostly thanks to Athlean X videos about chest training. Made a huge difference, when actual chest is much more activated during benchpress, dumbellpress.

Im goin for chestday today, will post a normal lightning pic possibly!


what part? I don’t even know what shoulder inflammation would look like from the outside.

Generally, when you injure your shoulder, unless it’s a dislocation it’s not something you can see. The inflammation will be internal. I don’t see anything in this picture that makes me say ‘oh look there’s an injury.’ Hopefully that answers your question. Your structure overall looks good btw, a great starting point for putting on some muscle.

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Thanks for answering… relief… in my best shape since that dbol fuckup I made man…

Workin on chest now

Will do BW in 2 months, hopefuly over 500 test now :stuck_out_tongue:

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