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Should I Train Less Hard When Super Sore?

I’m usually never sore or not that much, but monday’s squat session left me crippled, really. Even though I have been training legs 2-3 times a week for years. But It was brutal. Anyway I have debilitating soreness in my quad, and my lower back and abs are fatigued as well. So today for my deadlift session, what should I do? Extra warm-up and stretching? Foam rolling beforehand? Using lighter weights?

I’d say this is one of those times where you listen to your body and play it by ear. I’ve had some great lifting sessions when I was sore as hell, but other times I was just able to go through the motions and do the bare minimum.


I’d go easy mate.

Set a PR.


what you do in any single training session will not have any bearing on long term success. If I felt as bad as you describe, I’d probably just skip the session altogether and just do recovery work. foam rolling, stretching, massage, riding a bike, relatively light sled pulls/pushes. Just get blood to the muscles but don’t push yourself hard. Recovery from hard sessions is key to success.

Or do that.


It’s weird the days that I’m super sore, I end up doing the best.

HOW YOU FEEL IS A LIE (but be smart)!

Problem is defining what sore is. What might feel super sore for one person might feel minor to someone else.

Super sore for me is when I cant walk down the stairs normally. Going up is fine though.

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At work yesterday and the day before when I was walking, sometimes my legs just wouldn’t cooperate and almost gave up lol

Well I actually did that, so I guess that I should really stop overthinking!

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Yeah if your at that point. You would just be beating a dead horse.