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Should I Taper Whey Protein ?

In regard to a pwo shake say 2 scoops of ON Gold standard and around 2 scoops of Maltodextrin should I taper the dosage as in consuming half of the contents immeadietly and then sipping the other half in say a 30-45 minute period ?

Would it be worthwhile on a bulk as the only possible reason I’ve heard of tapering Whey protein and your PWO shake is because the fast absorption rate of whey protein and the volume your consuming would lead to it being turned to fat.

you heard wrong. I suggest you stop listening to whomever told you that as they clearly do not know what they are talking about.

It’s irrelevant. Just drink a fucking glass of milk and have a meal shortly after.

People will taper their pubic hair and lift wearing rollerblades…anything to avoid simply training hard and eating much every day.