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Should I Take TRIBEX or Alpha Male


I'm 18 years old and was wondering if I should even consider these supplements.

I'm coming off a recent injury(Broke the spinus process of C-7 squatting) So I'm looking to regain what I lost fairly quickly. I've heard good things from folks I work with at the gym that its a good test booster, although I'm 18 and do I even need to increase my test levels?

I'm not looking to really mass up too terribly much - I don't body build, I'm starting my training for MMA so I don't want to be massive.


I like Alpha Male, and haven't used the new TRIBEX Gold, but Carbolin 19 might be more appropriate for your goals.


Nope. But hey, thanks for asking, come back soon. :wink:

Seriously though, as far as supplements go, I'd stick basics like Metabolic Drive and Flameout. Especially coming off an injury like you are, I'd expect the anti-inflammatory benefits of Flameout to be especially useful.

Sheeesh. Good luck with that. Looks like it's deadlifts and DB squats for a while, huh?

What kind of training are you doing now? What does an average week look like for you?


Should I take the Test booster first to do a small bulking phase then take the other stuff to shred a little quicker?

My trainer is going to go for all power in my workouts(if this has any bearing on my choice i dont know) then I will go off to train for 2-3 hours of wrestling,boxing, mau tai, judo, ju jitus ect.

Edit: 6 days a week.


Holy crap not another one. As if being "massive" is so easy that you would just fall into it.


Well then, if I were you, I really wouldnt even take one pill of TRIBEX or Alpha Male. The effects might be too much for you. You might turn right into Arnold. Wouldnt want you to get too MASSIVE


As I said...nope. Or at least, not right now. You (should) have other supplement priorities.

Oh? What kind of stuff does he have you doing? I could use a chuckle. (That's not necessarily a dig at your trainer. He could be a swell guy. But training for martial arts does require a different approach.) So, like, what were your last two workouts?


I didn't mean to make massing up sound easy because I see from people at work its anything but so i apologize.

I'll post the workout when I get it we are revising it atm.