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Should I take Tribex before Androsol?

I thought I read something somewhere about taking Tribex for a cycle (2 weeks ?) to get T levels up before taking Androsol. Is this recommended or necessary? I just bought Androlsol, Tribex, and Methoxy 7, all for the first time. I have never taken any pro-hormones before. I’m 28, 5’9 at about 160LB. I’m fairly lean having an ectomorphic type build, but a little more fat on my stomach than I would like. My goal is to gain mass right now though. I have wondered if my inability to put much mass on even when getting extra calories and working out hard might be related to low T levels or other hormones, but I really don’t know. It seems I put fat on my stomach more than anything usually, though I do gain muscle also. Hopefully the Tribex and Androsol will help change this.

I’m also unsure of the dosages I should take. I thought I would probably go somewhere between the 35-70 sprays of Androsol, but I guess it might just depend on how many sprays I find that it takes to cover everywhere. I guess you almost need someone to do your back for you?

I’ve always heard about the 2 weeks on, 4 off for Androsol, but the Androsol sheet that came with my order shows a Andosol/Tribex cycle of:

Week 1 Androsol, 35-70, 1-2 times a day, Week 2 Androsol, 35-70, 1-2 times a day, PLUS 4 capsules Tribex twice a day., Weeks 3-5 Tribex, 4 capsules twice a day, Week 6 Repeat

I hadn’t heard of taking them at the same time. This would also only give 3 weeks off of Androsol before repeating. I also wonder if I need 4 instead of 3 capsules twice a day. I’m smaller so maybe I don’t need as much, but then perhaps it’s a good reason why I might really need more.

I also am unsure if I will be able to apply Androsol applications 12 hours apart, would something like 8 hours be ok? I know I’ve heard the effect of an application lasting like 16 hours. Does this have anything to do with it still being on the skin surface or is this from what had been absorbed already? In other words, how long before all the Androsol on the skin is finished doing its thing (being absorbed), and ok to be washed off? Also, would the second application close to bed time be bad?

I also have Methoxy 7, but am unsure of how to cycle this with the other stuff and at what dosage. Sorry about all the questions. Thanks. LN

Why dont you call the guys at Biotest for a suggested schedule,I’ve always found them really helpful with these type of questions.

Thanks Ulisses, I think I’ll give them a call.