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Should I Take Them?


im 15 years old and i've been thinking about taking steroids. i wonder if it would be a good idea cuz i havent seen any gains in the year and a half i've been working out. im 6'3" tall and really skinny i way about 160 lbs. i dont like being teased by people at school, most are weaker even than me but still i want to be huge like some of our football players. should i do roids?


That's some weak-ass trolling.


wat? if you think im lying, im not. i really need someone to help me


Your either a troll or just fucking stupid... sorry everyone is thinking it, I'm just saying it


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what do you mean by troll?


he's a link to find out what one is



On a more serious note if you are serious you should never ever (that's right I said never ever) take steroids at the fragile age of 15 years old. You'll mess yourself and your hormonal system up from doing it at such a young age. Just read what's on this site (not in the steroids section). Just eat, sleep, read, and train....repeat.


stop being so damned lazy.


Nice link fuzzy.

Here are the best ways to know your not ready for AAS.

If you have to ask if you should = NO
under 21 years old = NO
Have been lifting for less than 5 years = NO
Shitty diet = NO


umm.... what does shitty diet mean?


Haha wow. You are in the wrong section of the forums. Let me redirect you to the nutrition department. At 15 all you need is a good diet and hard work in the weight room.


What doesn't it mean?
Someone with a diet like Shooter Mcgavin who eats pieces of shit for breakfast...


hahaha, nice allusion


haha nice one. you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?? lol


The answer is no.

And at age 15 we don't even owe you a reason. It's just simply NO.


I love hiding insiders in my posts to see if people get them lol. But this one is pretty easy to spot.

Original poster listen to BONEZ when he says NO he means it.


I'm waiting for the post along these lines that says "I'm only 3 1/2 years old!"


I think, personally, that this is a poor Trollie McTrollinstein. Want to look like a football player? Try being one, JV isn't hard to make bretheren, and do some of their workouts. Eat some fucking food, Skelator.

O but wait, he probably has low Testosterone, at least that's what the pediactric nurse said, but that might be because YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED GOING THROUGH PUBERTY!!

But for real, no


That fact that he spelled weigh "way", was the best part.