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Should I Take Protein?

Hi, I am new in this forum. I am a 15 year old male, and I have just finished my basketball season. I was wondering if taking protein is a good idea. I know it helps build muscle and stuff, but does my age and the fact that I am growing factor into this at all?

If I should take protein:
A: What kind should I take…is cheaper better?
B: How much should I take? Strength for basketball is my main goal, and hopefully being able to gain a lot on my vertical.

Here’s an interesting article on improving your vert. jump.


your age does not factor into if you should eat protein, you should eat lots and train hard. powders are great if you want something cold to drink after a practice or a work out but high quality food will be just as good. As for how much, take a peek into the supplements and nutrition section. Read everything and anything you can on this site, it’s a goldmine of information.

Don’t take it as a substitute for good food but it’s an excellent way of adding to your protein intake and building some muscle. It’s best just after your workout with some carbs and just after waking and just before bed. These are times when the extra protein can help you out.

You should definitely “take” protein with every meal.

Dairy, eggs, beef, chicken, and fish are good sources.