Should I Take My Dbol if I Can't Workout for a Few Days?

About to start my 4th week of Dbol, but I now have to go out of town during this last week on it. Should I postpone taking the pills, stop taking them altogether or take them and do what I can. I’m going to bring dumbbells but the only ones I actually own are pretty lightweight, like 25 or 30lbs. Thoughts?

I cannot advise you on steroids as I have never taken them and I know little about them.

But I can tell you that you can get a great workout with light dumbbells.

For Biceps see how many curls that you can do in a 2 min time period. You can just keep cranking or do x number of sets within the 2 min. When you are finished rest for 1 min and then see how many you can do for 1 min. rest again for 1 min and then do as many as possible for just :30 seconds. You will be shocked at how sore you will be the next day and you will get some growth from it.

You can do the same things for Triceps by doing lying skull crushers or standing Tricep extensions.
In fact, I have done diamond push-ups for time in the manner described above. So you don’t even need dumbbells. In fact, don’t discount regular push-ups in all of their variations.

Another example of training with light dumbbells is to work your legs. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and begin squatting. I don’t know your squatting strength but if you do four sets of 50-75 squats while holding the dumbbells you will not only get a good leg workout but also your traps will be on fire. And our heart and lungs will be working as well. You know what they say, work the legs and you work the heart!

I used to travel a great deal for my business and found creative ways to continue to train while on the road with or without dumbbells.

1-Running stairwells and push-ups on the stairwells, feet on higher steps. So you combine stair sprints with stair push-ups.

  1. Push-ups with feet elevated on the hotel bed.

  2. Chins from the doorway arch. This is tough unless you have some really good hand and finger strength. This one is not for everybody.

  3. I have done one arm rows with a heavy suitcase. Certainly not ideal but in a pinch you’d be surprised how well it works

  4. Feet locked under the hotel bed, or dresser doing sit-ups.

  5. Feet elevated on wall hand stand position and then press. It’s insane on the shoulders. You will feel this one.

  6. I’ve even worked my neck by getting on my knees and bending my head over the mattress and pressing my forehead in as hard as possible and then letting up and repeating. Sounds crazy but it works great.

  7. Lay on the floor and do flies with your light dumbbells. But since they are light see how many you can do for time as I mentioned with biceps and triceps.

  8. They are light for shoulder presses but not too light to do front dumbbell raises, side laterals and bent over rear laterals. You can use traditional sets and reps for these muscles. Your shoulders will never know you left the gym!

You just need to use your imagination. There is never a reason to stop training. Find ways to make it happen!

Good Luck



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